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    Swelling In Feet.

    I made and posted with another thread with this but it is not showing up, so I am posting it again. I have some red and swollen toes on my left foot. I have noticed my toes sometimes hurt mildly when I walk for about a week, but have only noticed last night they might be swollen. They have been...
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    Swelling In Feet.

    Is swelling in feet a symptom of ALS? I have some swelling in my toes on my left foot. They can sometimes be a bit itchy. I know ALS can cause swelling in feet, but is it an early symptom or is it from paralysis? I googled it and foot drop came up. Is it a symptom proceeding foot drop? Thank You
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    New thread - Question

    I posted on an old thread and don't know if anyone saw it because it was on old thread, so starting new one to make it easier for to see. I'm asking about clinical examinations. If reflexes are symmetrical and normal in clinical examination can they turn assymetrical and hyperreflexic? Has...
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    Signs before foot drop? .

    What are the signs before foot drop occurs? Did you have cramps/ or a funny feeling prior, or can it simply just happen overnight? If strength is there on clinical exam (pushing pressure strength on dorsiflexed foot e.t.c.) and you can walk on tip toes and heels day before would it be impossible...