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    MS breakthrough with Chemotherapy and Stem Cells

    There has been a breakthrough in a MS Canadian trial that uses Chemotherapy to kill off the immune system and stem cells re implanted. I know they are different diseases but could a trial be set up to see if this therapy would work with people who have ALS.
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    Aunt Passed Away

    I have a strong familial link on my mothers side to ALS/MND where several people have passed away from the disease. My Aunt(mothers sister) has recently passed away from Parkinsons (apparently) However,I suspect that this was a misdiagnosis as the disease from start to finish only lasted 2 years...
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    Neurologist appointment brought forward

    In January I had some blood taken to check my CK levels and I also agreed for some to be taken and tested for a faulty chromosome 9 that is found in familial MND.this week I had a brain MRI and was also injected with a dye to give a better contrast.I was given an appointment to return to the...
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    Why another MRI

    I have had my spine scanned so why does my Neuro want a scan of my head?