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    Hi Glorious, I would recommend homemade vegetable soups/broths. It is a good way of getting in vegetables and fibre in the diet when someone isnt interested in eating fibrious veg. It can be easily fortified with extra calories by adding cream, butter etc. Also, soup is an everyday food, it...
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    Thanks a lot for your responses... in answer to some of the questions posed... Thanks for the tips on the eye gaze, I think that is the next step in terms of communication, and unfortunately we need to look at that sooner than planned. She currently uses an iPad with "proloquo2go" software...
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    Where are we?

    Hi, this is my first post to the forum. My mother has ALS :( First symptoms presented sep 2010, as slurred speech. After several tests, she was diagnosed with ALS in January 2011. Since then her speech has gone, her respitory capacity is down, she had difficulty swallowing and has weakness in...