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  1. Bill43

    I hate this...

    by the time I struggle to get out of bed and put on a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt I'm so tired I want to go back to bed.
  2. Bill43

    Useless Sleep Study

    After having two appointments for an overnight sleep study cancelled because they said the "machine broke" I finally went in last Wednesday night and it turned out crappy. The bed was a Murphy bed that folded down from a wall cabinet, one step better than a sleep sofa and maybe two steps...
  3. Bill43

    The Dudley Clendinen Interviews "A Good Short Life"

    A former reporter and editorial writer for the New York Times, Dudly Clendinen, who wrote the short story discussed in this thread "A Good Short Life", has been interviewed every other Monday since February on a public broadcasting radio station in Baltimore. He was diagnosed with ALS in...
  4. Bill43

    which bipap?

    I'm going in for an overnight sleep study tomorrow night with the hopes that it will result in a bipap machine (pant, pant). My question is who selects the brand and model of the machine. I have medicare so is it medicare, my doctor, or me that determines what I get? I filled out the form...
  5. Bill43

    A Newby on The Bus

    Hi Folks, I guess I'm one of the new PALS on this bus. I can't say I like our destination but I figure with a bus full of other PALS the trip should be easier. I first got the word that I may have ALS from my neurologist last April after I failed two EMGs and a NCV test. She referred me the...