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    Hi skipper, was gunna have a go posting some pictures of the boys but not really sure how to go...

    Hi skipper, was gunna have a go posting some pictures of the boys but not really sure how to go about it? Any tips? Danny
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    Peg Feeding Tube

    Amy, just make sure the laxative is NOT a time release tablet. I used a liquid a couple of times a week mixed with a little water in the tube but I'm working my way off it as the Fortisip has added fibre in it. Danny
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    Peg Feeding Tube

    Hi all, Just an update on my feeding tube. Well within about 5 days from having the peg I got up to the full amount of Fortisip food the dietitian recommended and very soon got back to only 3 feeds a day instead of 6. Started with a couple of blended homemade foods I got from Lucy's Homemade...
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    husband diagnosis

    So sorry to hear of your husbands diagnosis. I'm only new to the forum myself but it's been a great help. Good luck with everything. Danny
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    Scary choking

    It's a terrible problem with this disease, I've choked about four times myself and it's a horrible experience, no long term effects for me. I soon learnt what size pieces of food I could tolerate and what types. I agree with jamiem, smaller pieces, eat slower, it's not a race and tucking my...
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    Peg Feeding Tube

    I'm not adding sugar or oil to my feeds at this stage, just the straight bottles. I'm just gravity feeding via the syringe with no plunger and it runs in pretty well. Does anyone know if the "homemade" foods will gravity feed or will I need to plunger them in? I suppose it while depend on the...
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    Peg Feeding Tube

    Thanks for all the encouragement guys and yes Elaine they do have a chocolate one! Cheers guys, Danny
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    Neck atrophy

    I've had the same thing with my neck. It started about 12 weeks ago and now mornings are good but by the afternoon it becomes very hard to hold my head up. I've invested in a soft coller which I tend to use a bit, or if I have a lie down for an hour or so and give my neck a rest it will come...
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    Peg Feeding Tube

    Hi all, Well here I am 4 days after my peg insertion and so far so good. Got to Tweed Hospital Tuesday and was prepped and went straight in. I was kept in for two nights as the dietitian wanted to make sure I would tolerate the food and to make sure I was aborbing all the nutrients. My...
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    How often do you/your PALS visit his/her neurologist/ALS clinic?

    I've been going every 3 months but also see my GP normal doctor every month. My specialist appointments last about 10 minutes, most of which is him reading my notes on what's been happening since last visit which I type out on my iPad the night before. I suppose all he's doing is monitoring my...