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  1. Firefighter58

    How I met and became friends with Ronnie Hawkins

    This go's back to about January 1975, at the time I was working part time for Jack Lyons of Lyons Auto Body and Towing. I was driving a tow truck for Jack and on this particular night I received a call for someone stuck in a driveway as during the day we had received about a quarter inch of ice...
  2. Firefighter58

    Firefighter Stories

    RITCHEY CRES. PUMPER 102 At about 2am in about 1970 or 71on a very cold January night we recieved a call for a reported house fire on Ritchey Cres. Before our arrival we could smell smoke that is usually an indication that you do have a fire, the old Lakeview homes that were built pre second...
  3. Firefighter58

    Firefighter Stories

    Station 114, supper time I was on Squad 3 we did all Squad work for the North half of the city plus we were the Hazmat Squad ( we were all certified Hazmat Tecks ) and we also covered the airport. The two fellas with me are on the Pumper, the other six guys are cooking supper or supervising the...
  4. Firefighter58

    Firefighter Stories

    Ok folks back again, I think were I left of was I had just got accepted on the Fire Dept. I was still working part time for the Flash gas station at the time, Others working there were Cliff Stewart along with the mechanics Buck Tracey and Murray Burt , Jack Grix, my brother Marshall, George...
  5. Firefighter58

    Firefighter History

    Hello friends, many of you know me and know that I was a firefighter with the City Of Mississauga for 40 years give or take a week or two, and many of you know that I was diagnosed with ALS about 5 years ago, but what many of you don’t know was that I was also involved it the towing industry for...
  6. Firefighter58


    I just received a Quantum edge 2.0 wheelchair from the ALS society, is that a good, relielable wheelchair.
  7. Firefighter58

    Large amount of saliva

    Has anyone found anything that works for a large amount of sylivl, especially when eating. Al.
  8. Firefighter58


    My grandfather was having a problem with hemorrhoids so my grandmother went to the store and bought him some suppositories, a few days later she asked how he was doing, he then replied, nothing, for all the good they did I might as well shoved them up my ass. Al
  9. Firefighter58

    Food processor

    Hi folks, can you guys advise me on a good food processor to make up feed tube mixtures. Don’t need it yet but getting close to Christmas and you never know what Santa my bring. Thanks Al.
  10. Firefighter58

    A new scooter

    Just got a new scooter, it's called the Golden Buzz Around. Great scooter, will go approximately 10 miles on a charge at 5mph ( full speed) The big advantage of this scooter is that my wife can take it apart in 2 minuets and put it in the trunk of the car, no tools required. Reassembly is just...
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