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  1. quadbliss

    Mind Based Stress Reduction

    I should start by apologizing for not being around the last several months. My eye muscles have progressed to the point that it is too difficult to read all your daily posts. I wanted to let you know about a new free recourse available to PALS, CALS, and ALS families. Two ALS Association...
  2. quadbliss

    Insights for Which I Am Grateful

    The following is my attempt at listing those things for which I am most grateful. As I began to type, my emotions were stirred and I ended up with something deeper than I intended to share. I hope it is not too sappy. Sorry for the length. I have been living with ALS for over ten years. In that...
  3. quadbliss

    Let it Be

    When we mentally resist pain, we create suffering. If we resist pain, either emotional pain or acute physical pain that can't be immediately relieved, we compound our negative experience. By gently guiding our awareness to the pain without judging, or owning it, simply letting it BE, we remove...
  4. quadbliss

    Some New Art

    Present moment: Wonderful moment Teyha and me sharing inner peace and bliss during my daily meditation in the backyard.
  5. quadbliss

    Air Travel with a Ventilator

    We recently returned from a fun New York City vacation. I thought it might be helpful to share our ventilator air travel experience with others, so I added an article to my website.:-D Mike
  6. quadbliss

    My Latest Art

    I am You :-D Mike
  7. quadbliss

    My Latest Painting

    “Life is Good”:-D Mike
  8. quadbliss

    Terminal Diagnosis?

    Receiving a terminal diagnosis is like being shoved out of a plane. You are going along relatively smoothly. In fact you have almost forgotten that you are high in the air. Then, out of nowhere, some cosmic force rudely pushes you out the door. When you quickly realize you are free-falling...
  9. quadbliss

    Why Stay Positive?

    Several years ago I realized I was creating my own reality…literally. I understood that my thoughts were causing things to happen; manifesting situations, people, and objects. As I examined my past, I saw that I had been doing this all my life. I began to deliberately use this tool, and it is...
  10. quadbliss

    My Latest Abstract