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    CK Levels and ALS Progression

    I just saw this article today and it mentioned that higher CK levels were correlated with slower progression in ALS Would anyone mind sharing their CK levels and their...
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    In need of advice

    I wouldn't say we're in the same situation since I'm assuming since you're 15, your mom should be quite young? but I'm 30 this year and I kind of had to move back home and put my life in hold for now. My mom had symptoms since late 2020 but was diagnosed this summer. My moms biggest fear is not...
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    Changing Symptoms

    <quoted text removed> Is this accelerated burnout which increases the progression of the nerve degeneration an established thing for als? My mom these days uses exercise as her form of keeping hope on delaying ALS but from what I can see her legs are getting worst
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    Diagnosed Tuesday

    why does it seem like its so common for ALS to take so long to diagnose, same happened to my mom. We had the run around with multiple neurologist for over half a year.
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    Changing Symptoms

    My mom was diagnosed around june-July but her symptoms started around last fall, so far she can still walk very slow albeit not very fast, and definitely struggles to get around without a cane or a walker. Her hands and speech seem mostly fine. However, around 2 months ago she started seeing...
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    Rapid Progression

    My dad had a stroke a few years ago and those sound like the exact symptoms he had.
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    Delaying Progression

    We've actually seen a few neuromuscular neurologists, however, it wasn't until we even went to see a Neurologist who specializes in ALS at Mount Sinais ALS Center that we got a definite diagnosis. the previous neurologists thought she has injured her back or compressed her lower spine/lesion on...
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    Delaying Progression

    My mom was just diagnosed about 1.5 months ago after the symptoms first started last summer, so far she has drop foot and slight numbness in the right foot (where it first started) as well as muscle tightness in her left leg. So I can at least hopefully say she so far has a slower progression...
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    Mom just diagnosed ALS, need hope

    Thanks for that, I was really wondering if the next neurologist would be like ugh you guys already got a diagnosis what's the point or something. We have a full blood work test coming up soon probably end of month but here is the Summary of the EMG test and the doctors notes, I can see in...
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    Mom just diagnosed ALS, need hope

    What is a de-identified EMG report? I'm waiting for them to email me the exam results. The last time she had blood work done was last year right at the start of the process. Is the slow progression thus fair indicative of the future progressions or could it accelerate at random? Regarding...