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    CK Levels and ALS Progression

    I just saw this article today and it mentioned that higher CK levels were correlated with slower progression in ALS Would anyone mind sharing their CK levels and their...
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    Changing Symptoms

    My mom was diagnosed around june-July but her symptoms started around last fall, so far she can still walk very slow albeit not very fast, and definitely struggles to get around without a cane or a walker. Her hands and speech seem mostly fine. However, around 2 months ago she started seeing...
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    Delaying Progression

    My mom was just diagnosed about 1.5 months ago after the symptoms first started last summer, so far she has drop foot and slight numbness in the right foot (where it first started) as well as muscle tightness in her left leg. So I can at least hopefully say she so far has a slower progression...
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    Mom just diagnosed ALS, need hope

    Hi everyone here is a little backstory and although I might just be digging for a glimmer of hope since we just got the diagnosis, please be honest and give it to me real as I cannot imagine my life without my mother, we are very close and I would like for her to at least hold her grand...