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  1. swalker

    Adventures at the Grand Canyon, Spring 2022

    We made it to the Grand Canyon without any unexpected motorhome drama! All critical systems seemed to work OK for most of the trip. We did discover that our toilet would not flush when we were running off the motorhome's water pump rather that from city water. A bit of research revealed that...
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  5. swalker

    Newly diagnosed on 5/10/2022

    Shortly after I was diagnosed, I had to stop working and go on disability. That was one of the hardest things I had to do, from an emotional standpoint. I loved my work and worked with a wonderful group of people. When I stopped work I found that I spent most of each day doing paperwork. It...
  6. swalker

    Adventures at the Grand Canyon, Spring 2022

    We left the RV park in Moab, Utah at about 11 in the morning and did the beautiful drive to Monument Valley. We stayed at a KOA in Monument Valley, which was spectacularly beautiful. The drive was amazing. After all the troubles of the day before, it was nice to be driving on a beautiful day...
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  9. swalker

    Adventures at the Grand Canyon, Spring 2022

    There is a funny story about our first night's stay in Moab. The RV park was in the process of changing their reservation system when my wife made our reservation. Somehow, we wound up with 2 reservations. The first was for a delux, pull-through site. It was more expensive, but we decided to...
  10. swalker

    Adventures at the Grand Canyon, Spring 2022

    We had scheduled various spring and winter trips to the Grand Canyon in 2020 and 2021. Unfortunately, due to Covid and issues with our motorhome, we had to cancel each of those trips. Being the optimists that we are, we went ahead and scheduled a trip to the Grand Canyon for spring of 2022...