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    GXTrex's dad

    My dad Barry passed away in his sleep last night. I want to thank everyone here for the abundance of advice and support. It was incredibly helpful and it made his life as good as it could be.
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    Powered Wheelchair Advice

    My dad has his PWC evaluation in about a week. I have read a number of threads on the issue. Is there anything you guys wish you knew in advance before you got a PWC? What extra features were worth it, or do you not use? Would you get front or mid-wheel drive if you could go back to your...
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    Tobii eye gaze stylus

    We have a tobii dynavox i-16 eye gaze. My dad can use his arms/hands enough to use the touch screen but can't seem to press it with the fleshy part of his finger. We got a stylus on Amazon that works with our smartphones but not the eye gaze. It's a fiber tip. What kind works with the eye gaze?
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    Getting a BIPAP/NIV

    It appears it is time for my dad to start using a NIV, at least at night. He is sleeping more during the day, and his breathing seems loud at rest. We have a virtual clinic appointment next week. Would they be able to get him one via Medicare without going in person? This appointment is...
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    Excess Pleghm

    My Dad (PALS) does not take anything in by mouth. He takes an OTC medication (guaifenesin) to help breakdown phlegm as well as a prescription medication to reduce saliva. The Saliva seems to be under control but the phlegm is still a problem. He goes back and forth between the cough assist...
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    Catheter recommendations

    My dad has a permanent Foley catheter and has fairly frequent UTI's. These lead to a hospital stay and maybe rehab. We want to avoid this cycle. We are being careful to give him enough fluids, drain it regularly, and using proper cleaning precautions. We are meeting with his urologist and an...
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    Setting Up A New Room

    We are looking into setting up a separate room for my dad with a Hoyer, hospital bed, and commode. We are debating between using the living room (rearrange furniture, plenty of space, but no privacy) vs my old bedroom. The bedroom offers him privacy, but I am worried about equipment size in...
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    Pill crushing help

    My dad is currently still at the rehab facility but we want to get ahead and figure out how to crush his pills to be taken via PEG. I spoke to his doctor there and his pills are good to be crushed. We tried crushing them here to practice but they don't get fine enough to go through the...
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    Post hospital Rehab?

    My dad should hopefully come out of the hospital in a few days after his uti/pneumonia is treated. It made him extremely weak, much worse than his baseline beforehand. The hospital social worker said the hospital doctor recommends an inpatient rehab center. Is this a good idea with ALS? I...
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    Rapid Progression

    My dad was doing alright relatively speaking for awhile. Symptom onset in Sept of 2019, diagnosed Dec 2020. Up until a few days ago he was walking (a little wobbly, cane for longer distances, mostly liquid diet split between peg and by mouth, and alert/able to speak pretty understandably...