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    New EMG test report

    On Jan/25/2017 the Neurologist did another EMG to compare to the one done on 7/20/2016, here is the report, so let me know what you all think. This test is just for left side of body, right side never done. Summary: Nerve conduction studies of the left arm and leg demonstrate mildly slow...
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    (DBQ) Disability Benifits Questionare

    I have PVA as my rep and they also want a DBQ to file claim even though my VA medical records under active problems they have ALS and the VA Doctors from Nuerology and Pulminary refused to sign one. I have been to a Neuro outside VA and they even refused as well as just agreed with VA. My...
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    PLS Dominant ALS

    In September 2016 I had issues the 1st week speaking so my primary VA Doctor prescribed a week long medication for laryngitis and after taking it, nothing changed. By the end of the 1st week of October 2016 I was unable to speak, yet ENT Doctors at VA said my voice box was okay from test and...