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    ROHO cushion for recliner chair

    Hi all… I have a large ROHO cushion to offer to a PALS in need for the price of postage. It is the one item that allowed my husband Shannon to live in his recliner chair comfortably as he wanted. We bought it at and he used it 24 hrs/day for a little more than a year but it is...
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    my husband Shannon died

    Hi all-- I have been away from the site--my husband Shannon died on July 28th, 2007, here at home with me and hospice nurses, as he wanted it. I had the chance to post this news on a couple other sites but am just getting back here. I dont know what I would have done without these online...
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    amitripiline question

    Evening... My husband PALS recently started taking amitripiline for saliva control--25 mg at many PALS do. It works great, except that he finds it wears off around 4 PM and he spends the evening fighting saliva again. We thought about splitting his dose in two, but it is so...
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    'The Vest' airway clearance system

    Hi all, We are just looking into getting a Cough Assist machine for my husband. We have heard many PALS recommend this device. Our medical providers have put forth "The Vest" Airway Clearance System as a recommended alternative (less expensive). We had never heard of this device and are...
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    ALS Communication Problems - Tips and Suggestions

    Hello, I am the wife and caregiver of a 42 yr old man with ALS, diagnosed August 2004. I thought I would offer a tip on something that works well for us, and then ask for some help/support. First, my husband has found tremendous relief from marijuana, which is legal for medical purposes here...