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    Lost my Sharon.....😪

    Dennis, my deepest sympathies in the loss of your girlfriend. Your love and concern for her was so strong. Kate
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    CALS Concern/help

    I see that you live in Massachusetts. There is a great nonprofit in Falmouth , Compassionate Care ALS ( CCALS ) that was so supportive to my husband and me during our journey. You may want to reach out to them , they will come to your house. Ron, the director, was wonderful in talking to my...
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    For better or for worse...

    Thanks for letting us know how you are doing. Thinking of you as you recover. Kate
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    Paperwork. Grr...

    Miss your wonderfully witty posts Wish! LOVE how you told the lady that you were breaking up with him postmortem !! I so agree with your comment that it stirs up all the bad memories of dealing with the bureaucracy during caregiving, it's like having flashbacks from PTSD.
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    Questions about BiPAP/Vent

    My husband was trached/vented/ 24/7 from day one but even being vent dependent he could if needed come off the vent for10 or 20 minutes without any problem initiating his own breathing. I agree with Kristina that you may need someone with more expertise whether it's the pulmonologist or more...
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    Paperwork. Grr...

    I couldn't agree with you more! I am still doing paperwork over two years later, just met with the CPA this week to straighten out 2017 and 2018 taxes for Job's estate. It didn't help the process that the investment firm didn't set up the new accounts correctly to begin with, that took forever...
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    Questions about BiPAP/Vent

    Sorry to hear you're still having problems with the Bipap Steve. Hoping tomorrow goes better. Kate
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    Alphagories- a word game

    W- WD 40 and I'll sneak in Duct Tape
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    Some days life just sucks

    I am so sorry for your loss Brad.
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    Alphagories- a word game

    Mulligan ! S- School bus Now: 1930: