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    Help using THC for sleep

    Sorry, I was speaking of the L- theanine when I said no adverse effects. Valium and benzos all have the possibility of adverse effects. Benefits vs risks should always be evaluated and utilized cautiously and accordingly.
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    Best bed mattress

    The mattress dilemma is something most of us have or will experience. Everyone is different so their is no easy fix here. In my experience mattresses that were the answer to prayers at first became the bearers of torture a few months later. I have seen the most success with alternating...
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    Help using THC for sleep

    We used the tinctures and we also used a coconut oil based product (warmed to liquid). Both were administered via the g-tube. The tinctures are alcohol based and work quickly. I preferred them. My friend used them for sleep and to dry up saliva (cotton mouth). I added to a small amount of water...
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    Teeth Grinding

    We used Invisalign an orthodontist provided the treatment for free and after the treatment completed we utilized the retainers as a mouthguard. They are so small and only cover the teeth, they didn’t increase saliva or compromise swallowing. I also think that they helped retain facial structure...
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    Inability to rinse - brushing teeth

    I used mouth swabs purchased on Amazon. We would brush with a pediatric toothbrush, suction the saliva and toothpaste with the suction machine and yankaur, then rinse with three or four swabs dipped into diluted mouthwash while suctioning with the yankaur. You can just rinse with the rinsed off...