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    PRAYER chain for Don !

    PLEASE PEOPLE we need to start a prayer chain for our dear friend Don,angleman!He so desperately needs our help right now.Read his thread and you will know why.!:cry:
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    Help too much stress!

    Wow how much stress can you have in your life without totally loosing it?Was supposed to go to my sisters house today for dinner with the familly.Could not go becuase my husband is too sick/oxygen/bipap/ativin....i believe in late stages of als.Enjoying a movie alone while he sleeps then i get a...
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    Bad Storm can you sleep with jut portable oxygen?

    Hi everyone i know i worry too much.....But we are being hit with one hell of a storm right now and i am afraid might loose hydro cause supposed to get worse....if it does can i use portable oxygen for him to sleep or is that too dangerous ?.....ANY other suggestions would be helpfull!....Gina
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    Taking ativan says he feels worse?

    Hi all,my husband was put on artivan last week for his breathing which is very shallow.It looked to me like he was suffering and he agreed.He often has trouble expressing himself and his whole life i think he was encouraged to ignore pain,not by me by his familly.....anyway this morning he could...
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    My son is a body builder his father has als.

    Hi,MY husband is in the late stages of als.Before this horrible ordeal all started he was very muscular and physically fit.He now has very little muscle left.I was wondering if anyone knew if they were any correlation between overexerting the muscles and als.It just seems to happen to so many...
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    question about morphine?

    Hi,my name is Gina my husband has als and is in what i think are the last stages.Today he is very weak.Last night when i tucked him into bed he said "this is getting so hard".A lttle over a year ago the lung specialist told us that he would probably be gone in a week to a month.He wears a bi-pap...
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    Just when you think things cant get worse!

    Man just when you think things cant get worse and maybe you can have a little relief from the stress bang here it comes again.I just got over the anguish i felt at not being able to go to my friends funeral when my sister calls me to tell me that my mom`s neighbour has called her telling her...
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    I Don`t Know If I Can Go To My Friends Husbands Funeral

    Hi my name is Gina and i am fairly new to this site.My husband is in the late stages of ALS with severe breathing problems being of the primary concern.My sisters best friend whom has also become a friend of mine since her husband was diagnosed with cancer three months ago just lost her husband...