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    Struggling with questions

    My mother passed peacefully in her sleep Oct 23, which I am very thankful. Mom had been declining fairly gradually until the last week, and then things just went fast forward. Mom never really had any breathing problems - at least not until the last week and that was mainly due to secretions...
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    My mother is now in heaven

    My mother was just diagnosed ALS December 2006, but had been having symptoms for at least one and a half years prior. Her decline had been gradual until the last week, but starting October 17 ( which was the date my mother and father were married) the decline was so rapid. I have no doubt my...
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    ALS org testifies before Congress

    The ALS organization testifies before congress. The Advocacy Department had a hearing earlier this week at Capitol Hil. The ALS association called on Congress to speed ALS drug development and ensure that people with the disease have timely access to new treatment. A 35 year old fatherof...
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    Meds for Depression

    Has anyone here used the drug "Cymbalta"? It is an antidepressant, also used to treat chronic neuropathic pain. I've heard most people refer to Elavil (Amitriptyline) so I was a little surprized when mom's doctor prescribed Cymbalta, although after researching Cymbalta, it sounds like a good...