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    Doctor assisted suicide

    I just wanted to say I understand your frustration Steele. My MIL just passed from ALS and for most of the progression lived in a state of denial of what would ultimately be the outcome of this horrific disease. She never got the PEG, although she did get a electric wheelchair when moving got...
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    MIL Passed Sunday

    We got a call around 5 tonight and with sirens in the background heard that mom stopped breathing. We prayed for no trache, she had been firm on this point, and a few minutes later got the second call to say they were unable to resuscitate her and she had passed. There are too many feelings...
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    Hard Situation - MIL w/ ALS

    Thank you all. We had a nice visit over the holiday and as my husband and I discussed before hand, we left all mention of help out of it. We realize that there's nothing more that can be done on our part but wait. The hardest thing for me is watching and holding it all in. Which is why I posted...
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    Hard Situation - MIL w/ ALS

    So here's my story, My MIL was diagnosed in Nov 2015 after around 6 months of trying to figure out why her foot and leg were having pain/fatigue. She was 61. The first year wasn't too bad but use of both her legs was eventually gone and she was in a wheelchair by the end of year one. Now, 7...