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    Frizzel's journey

    My PLS moving into ALS is being put on hold till December. We had a bathroom that I only use that the pee trap was installed on the wrong side of the tub during a remodel and I was breathing directly in from the septic tank through my over flow vent in to the tub. It was Hydrogen Sulphide...
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    Here's what Cookin' in my kitchen. How about yours?

    I was thinking about ways that make our lives a little easier and thought I'd start this thread about ways we make cooking easier. CALS and PALS and even those who are struggling with wading through their own diagnosises can share from all over our wonderful world. My grandmother use to make...
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    Women with Motor Neuron Diseases

    My name is Frizzel. I am interested in how many women who are diagnosed with ALS, PLS or a MND are viewing this forum. Could each of you women just share one thing that you are doing to keep going day to day with home, family, work, responsibilities and taking care of yourself?
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    Tripping and Falling with Speed

    Does anyone else trip and fall when trying to move a little faster. I can kind of limp, waddle if that describes anything that sounds familiar. Sometimes I'll get behind and slowly hold on and push my 'Chairiot' to at least to move my legs that just aren't cooperating. Have caught my foot...