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    Feeding Tube

    Any pros on here that can tell me if it is normal for a patient to still feel pain, or experience slight bleeding around a feeding tube 5 months after the surgery? he is complaining that it is sore and a trickle of blood ran out from around the tube.He said it hurts a bit when syringe is pushed...
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    Respite Care

    thank you all. I was so muddied I couldn't think. You have all given me options. Gotta get a grip and take charge. Thanks.
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    Respite Care

    I feel bad because I don't have a lot of experience in offering help or resources to others in need, I am just figuring out this ALS thing myself and ask for more help than I give. Now I am asking again. I am caring for my 96 year old dad who lives alone, but he is failing. I do his medicines...
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    My Selfish Moment...

    Amazing! Darcy must be so happy that she is here to see this dream come true for you. Enjoy and regale her with stories when you get back, it will be medicine for her.
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    Feeding tube recipes

    awesome! I have been so distracted I didn't know about thr recipe section. :-) It's working so far, so gonna improve it as I can. Thanks.
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    relaxation??? hell no!!!

    I feel this. I just walked over hot coals to get doctors, medical equipment, deal with the police over the deliveries of medical supplies stolen off my front steps at least three times now, meds, phone calls, paperwork. Contractors for a wheelchair ramp, a guy to do a walk in shower, a car to be...
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    Final Arrangements

    Im sorry. It must be so hard to worry about this when he won't give input. Hope this thread gives you some comfort to deal with what you have to do.
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    Feeding tube recipes

    Ok, so the VA messed up and the supplements he was to use in his feeding tube were not delivered, for over 3 weeks. I bought boost, but it didn't seem like it was enough. So I turned to the kitchen for help. I started making smoothies for the feeding tube, just to get calories in. I used...
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    Final Arrangements

    wow, how awkward to make final arrangements for a spouse. Talk about the last thing I wanted to do in life. He is adamant that his body go to science, ALS research like his mother and grandfather before him. Dr. Pioro at the Cleveland Clinic took charge of his mother and now my husband. These...
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    Personality changes?

    Thanks all. I think it is a healthy dose of depression and anger. He levled out yesterday and coped with the day. Are there any therapist, psychiatrists that specialize in depression and anger due to this disease? I want to help him, but he sees me as someone he should be caring for,not someone...