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  1. Vincent


    Feeling weak is a good thing. I feel absolutely normal. There are muscles that just don't work anymore. They feel like they should, no pain, no burning, no tiredness. You see, ALS effects the motor neurons only, leaving sensory neurons intact. So the fact you feel anything associated with the...
  2. Vincent

    Silly, but..

    Sounds like time for laminate floors. Try to get something waterproof, having a wheelchair is a lot like walking in your house without taking your shoes off. A 4x5 door mat is a must for anywhere your chair sits for long periods. It takes a while for all the snow on your chair to melt. My next...
  3. Vincent

    My Wife Kathy is gone

    Hallelujah, she is free! Peace be with you. Vincent
  4. Vincent


    Happy Thanksgiving, we did ours in October. Better late than never I guess. Vincent
  5. Vincent

    Medical Cannabis for ALS

    Speaking to one of the top Clinical/Research neurologists in Canada, she said over half of her cases use cannabi. It works to relieve so many of the patient's needs she recommend it. It controls spasms/cramping, relieves pain, helps with depression/anxiety, and works as a sleep aid. I have used...
  6. Vincent

    Our wheelchair van was stolen

    The. bastards! Until you get your wheels back use fire/ambulance to do transfers. Yes, call them 6 times a day if necessary. Surely insurance or some other healthcare agency can hook you up at least until it gets resolved. Try Team Gleason. VIncent.
  7. Vincent

    Medical Cannabis for ALS

    I'm in! Vincent
  8. Vincent

    So my brain still thinks WE are still Superman!

    I now get to enjoy long, slow walks in the rain. Running just isn't happening anymore. I still dream i'm bombing through the woods on a pair of racing skis. It's a real let down waking up. Vincent
  9. Vincent

    Overwhelmed .. need some advice/help!

    Any Physio I saw was 1x per week, reevaluate at 4 weeks. I learned the routines and do them myself. Once you get things going you don't need someone over your shoulder. Vincent
  10. Vincent

    NurOwn Phase 2 results

    And once again, " no significant difference in treated or untreated participants". Oh well, at least it won't kill you. Vincent