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    Like new pressure-relieving bed (in Oregon)

    Hi! We've been trying to find someone to donate our Stratus Turn mattress and adjustable hospital bed frame to, but not having much luck. Only used 2 months. We're in Portland. Please contact me if you have any interest!
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    legal signature

    Hi everybody! Hope you all had a great weekend. What do you PALS do for signing documents? My buddy has almost lost all ability to sign, but still has full cognitive ability to do so. I realize that eventually we will use POA, but is there something we can do in the interim? I've looked...
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    Biking again!

    My dear friend has been in ICU for roughly two months as we negotiate all the issues with finding care and housing for him, but we are almost there. He has been understandably depressed, but hesitant to try new things to help improve his mood. He has lost the ability to use his hands and lower...
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    VA coverage for 24 hour care?

    Hi, everyone. This is such a wonderful community you all have built. I have learned so much already and am so grateful for this resource. My friend has very recently been diagnosed with ALS, bulbar onset. Diagnosis was only about 3 weeks ago, but things have been progressing rapidly as his...