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  • Also, if you want to chat/meet while you're here, feel free...lmgelb @ gmail
    Best, Laurie
    Hi Paulette,
    As I mentioned, there are very low tech (essential oils, cough stacking, humidification) and high tech (CoughAssist if secretions are an issue, DPS if he qualifies) things to try. Without seeing his BiPAP data, there may be improvements to be made there, in settings and/or mode and/or machine. Do you have access to his data card? What model does he have? And of course a sip ventilator during the day may help, but in the short term, for example, when my husband feels like he needs more air, we wheel him back to the bedroom and put on his BiPAP mask in his chair.
    WE always celebrate on his birthday--which is fine with me! one cake and one party. I still get the birthday wishes on my day which is all l want. I always joked that if my husband ever forgets my birthday then we are getting a divorce
    Hey Paulette--my husband's birthday is the 3rd and mine is the 4th! Scorpios Rock lol
    Hi Paulette!
    I saw your some of your responses and was wondering if you could also offer your advice on my situation/symptoms.
    My post is in the DIHALS forum titled "young mommy... Please offer your advice"
    I know it seems crazy to ask for help ESP from people you don't know but y'all seem very well informed so I'd like your opinion.
    we have a pool too, and the first year my husband was sick we tried to take him in to exercise, even with my grown son and a life vest he was so scared when he started floating with no control.
    Hi Paulette, thanks for your complement--I am very proud of my little family! (warts and all LOL)

    we do have a hot tub but unfortunately my husband can not use it. he can not get in or out because of his paralysis. even when he could walk still, he was so weak it scared him. I agree- it would be awesome for his stiff body though. there are lifts that could be used (Aqua Creek make one) and I would recommend a life vest as pals don't have a lot of strength to hold themselves up in the water. it is harder to get our of one than get in one because of the heat so a lift and helpers would be ideal.
    Warped??? I'd say so! Ha! You gotta laugh Paulette, right? Big belly spasm provoking laughs. Those are the best. And faith. And more faith.
    Beans, Beans the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot. the more you toot, the better you feel, so eat your beans at every meal!

    All is as well as can be expected. Our trip to Seattle went very well, and we now have a wheelchair accessible van. My shoulders are finally getting a rest, and Tim is getting out a lot more. His daughter flew in from Texas to Seattle, then came home with us. She is staying until the end of August, and has been such a great help. Plus it is nice to have a daughter, I had boys. Still working on new house, and the push is on to get in by May 15th. I haven't even had time to start packing yet. Oh well, can't sweat the small stuff. I hope all is well with you, and thank you for the note.
    Just thought i'd drop by to say hi and to find out how the trip to the states went. Hope all is well. Take care :)
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