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  • Hi there thanks for ur prayers Ive been meaning to thanks everyone. It almost a month since my mom passed and I still think I hear her vent or this sound she used to make... I have been trying to stay busy but in the evening its a bit hard... I have three kids ages 19 13 and 5 they r doing well. How r you and ur family doing... oh one more thing last week I was thinking to myself I really needed a laugh had a hard week and the next morning while watching the news I got the laugh I so much needed when I saw the sign language interpreter on the news for making up his own version of sign language. . I laughed all day.. that was nice
    Thks for dropping by. Have been a little busy lately, good kinda busy. Take care and hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Thank you. We had a great time for Thanksgiving. Ate too much as always. I love reading your posts. I can tell you are a very loving person. Honored to call you friend.
    Feeling better to be home, but breathing still not great. Have trouble maintaining my sats in the '90's. I hope the pneumonia clears soon. Antibiotics & prednisone done. Today, i received my PWC. The Ot and technician were here over. 4 hours so that was tiring. Never ever ever thought i would ever want a PWC - funny how we adapt. Hope to regain some strength. Hospital stays sap you ( especially amid a .cdiff outbreak). Paulette, these last two weeks I suffered every indignity... But the beautiful nurses talked me through each one. They are indeed incredible giving people. One night I was crying in my bed, and the young nurse came and said, do you need a hug... And she hugged me! I will never take a nurse for granted ever.
    Hi Paulette, sorry I have not gotten back w/ you as Larry has had a bad few days/nights, barely off BiPAP at all today and still up tonight probably for hours yet. If he is better tomorrow, I will try Tim's phone. I would like to help you w/ the VPAP. Which one is it? What are the mode and settings (hold down the check mark button at the same time as the push button to enter setup) ? What is the leak? Sounds like it might be a trigger/cycling issue (each can be set from Very High to Very Low), a backup rate that is too high or low for Tim's normal rate and/ or Ti min/max settings that need adjustment.
    Hopefully we can still get together -- sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Let me know what might work. We are rarely as a tag team available until the early evening, though.
    First, I would get a humidifier and heated tubing for the S9. Sounds like you have an ST? Or a plain S? Ultimately you will want the ST. We have the Auto but it's all in the same family. I can show you when/how to change the settings if we connect.
    Thinking of you and sending you a virtual hug. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Kim
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