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  • Hi, Paulette --

    > how is it going with the new medication?

    Totally beat, leaden -- had Sandy come get me from work. The swallowing is pretty bad right now, which is distressing. So it goes ...

    >Love your dog pictures, but they make me want to get another one.

    Well, I have to admit that I am finally down to just under 20,000 shots left to process -- I started last year after diagnosis with around 80,000 :)

    I need to get them done while I still can, but it's a race :-(.

    >The problem is that I don't have the time or the yard for it

    Well for big dogs space is important, but for the LHMD's they are pretty easy -- and they perch on Sandy's shoulder, too

    >I have a really annoying parrot that keeps me annoyed and entertained.

    :) you should post a selfie with him!


    I hope you and tim had a fantastic Easter together. Give him a hug from me and kolt. Warmth and energy.

    >Tim asked me to send you this quote

    Thanks, I hate all of the suffering but am encouraged by the strength.
    Hi Paulette,
    I saw your light on this morning. I am actually at work at our local hospital on the switchboard. I get off at 6 a.m. I worked my regular noon-6pm shift then came back at midnite. Then I'm coming back again at noon today to cover for a co-worker who's dad is ill. I will be tired when 6pm comes around tonight. I'm planning on coloring Easter eggs with our youngest son tonite when I'm off. I won't be doing anything for Easter really because I'll be working it. Really missing our little puggle Skipper. It's a week today since we lost him. It is so heartbreaking because it could have been prevented if Brian had just listened to me and kept him on a leash. Brian rarely ever cries but he has over this and blames himself. I am trying to forgive him. Take care, Kim
    Yes, we are actually both Vets, and boy am I grateful for the VA. Hubby perked up when he realized there were PWCs that will get him around the property and down to the lake and that the VA would provide one. It was one of your posts that sent me researching them.

    My first thought about the house was that we should sell and buy or build one more conducive to the future we now face, but this is his dream place and he has put so much of himself into it that he doesn't want to be anywhere else. Case closed--we'll figure it out. We do have carpet, but thankfully it's commercial grade and so will hold up a bit better than residential carpeting. I told hubby I'd hose his wheels off for him..then he can drive it over those lovely LLBean mats I broke down and bought last year.

    Thank you again for everything you do here. I hope that one day I can be even close to being as helpful as some of the people on this forum.
    >Tim says that faith is a muscle that we have to exercise, or it will atrophy.

    I sense the truth in this. Thank him from me.
    On a side note, I'm glad you maintained function of your arm. That is a very extreme case it seems, as nerve impingement and entrapment are apparently no joke. I'm assuming you've done physical therapy? I'll take lifelong weakness and numbness in exchange for no ALS. I hope your husband is as well as he can be. I'd like to ask more about him but I do not want to pry or be the type. Thank you for your input it was very kind. May you and yours be blessed with peace and hope.
    Hi. Paulette. We've started looking at PWCs, and hubby would really like one that will take him up and down our very steeply sloped property. I know your husband has an outdoor package on his--I'm wondering how it does inside the house. Is it larger than standard PWCs? Does it drag a lot of the outside with it when he comes in? I'm prepared for that if that's what it takes to keep him enjoying this place, but it might be good to be prepared :).
    Hi,your very welcome and I hope you have enjoyed following along. Tomorrow is the most important date for us Christians ,it reminds us of gods loving kindness and the sacrifice our lord Jesus did for us.
    I will be attending the Passover after sundown,done so since a small child.
    God bless you also
    >made me miss my Kona. He was the darkest red Golden Retriever that I have ever seen, many thought he was a husky Setter

    we never forget.

    I really only have five lenses: a 50 mm F1 .4, 24-70 F2 .8, a 70-200 F2 .8, an old 18-70 DX, and, my favorite, 17-35 F2.8. when I was shooting I've would typically keep the 17-35 on my D700 body, to 24-70 on my D800, and 50 on my old D70. I used to shoot 100 frames a Now, of course, I can't hold the camera up so well :-(

    so it goes
    Hello, my names amy. My husband was diagnosed just before christmas and i noticed your Canadian. Were in Ontario. Wondering if you might want to chat? Most users appear American and talking about medicare. Perhaps we might have a bit more in common :)
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