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  • Jeff, where in PA do you live? I was born in Johnstown and grew up in Punxsutawney. February 2 is a big holiday for my family! Diane
    zenarcher, question my my mother is having saliva problems is that one of the signs of ALS and also he tounge and breather are fine.. What causes the saliva problem if you can help..patrick
    Hey Jeff, sorry about your itch! My husband doesn't have a rash, but he itches so bad he uses a hairbrush to scratch! He takes Hydroxyzine (rx) and that relieves it to an extent.
    I'm not sure I understand everything correctly. The PVA officer says we start out at 30% disability, and it will be increased to 100% after our paperwork goes through. Sadiemae (Lori) says this is not correct. Do you know?
    Hi Jeff,
    Lori suggested I contact you about getting started with the VA. After a very long and hard 9 months, it looks like my husband will be getting a firm ALS diagnosis within the week (private neurologist). Should I contact a PVA service officer before I start the paperwork with the VA? Any suggestions you have would be welcomed! Missy
    hi zenarcher i read you have had als since 07 i was diagnosed aug09 with als i was wondering how you and your family are dealing with this . im trying my hardest to be positive and hopeful never giving up .im looking for friends with the same illness so we can share whats going on and so forth your friend jeffp
    So, does that mean we won't have to go through the VA Medical system to "confirm" the diagnosis if/when we get one? Also, do you know if there is any precedence for benefits for any of the another MND's..?
    Thanks for your input!
    I'm relatively new to the forum, but have read that you would be a good resource regarding the VA and ALS. My husband is in the process of being diagnosed and is curently in the "Unspecified MNO Disease-Probable ALS" category. He is a full time civilian employee for the Air Reserve Base here in Homestead, and an active reservist.

    Since we are still in the diagnosing phase, we're not sure whether we should start the VA process and possible benefits he may be eligible for. We aren't sure if we're being premature. Still trying to get our brain & hearts around this diagnosis, you know... I tend to want to wait, but honestly not sure if it's just my own denial taking over, or if I'm legitimate in my concern that it would slow down the diagnosis process.

    Do you have any insight to offer? Thanks, for any thoughts you may have.

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