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  • Jeff, I like your signiture, That is one of the reason's silent and listen are
    spelled with the same letters. :)

    Hey, Jeff! Happy BD! Nice to see you posting here. Hope you and your wonderful family are doing alright. I've really appreciated all your insight into issues that pALS and their families face. Keep strong!
    Hi Jeff. Happy Birthday. Hope things are as well as they can be.
    Hi Zen, I've been searching on this site for VA benefit info. My brother is receiving a monthly check from the VA after his diagnosis of ALS. Do you know of a website that would show ALL the benefits the VA provides to veterans with ALS? thanks for any help, hope you are doing ok. Mary
    I wanted to thank you personally because before I joined I read so many posts and kept coming across yours where you would reply and explain that 50-60 % of nuerons are dead before symptoms even begin. I felt confidant to rely on the EMG because of your advice.
    Thank you, Be well!
    Zen you seem the sort of practical man I would like to talk to in the future as my wife has MND. If you dont mind. I recieved a warm reply to my post from one of your friends indigosd and as you are the same age as my wife.
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