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    A "scalloped tongue", as the teeth-marked tongue is called, is not a sign of ALS. Also, if you are so insistent that you have dysarthria, why hasn't anyone else told you that your speech sounds slurred? You also admitted that your language sounds normal to yourself. I have a scalloped...
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    Those marks on the side of your tongue are teeth marks, and the only thing they mean is that your tongue is large enough to press against your teeth. They have absolutely nothing to do with atrophy.
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    Weird inconsistencies: a survey

    Message received. Goodbye.
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    Weird inconsistencies: a survey

    Elaine, Honest question...did you even read my original post in this thread?
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    Weird inconsistencies: a survey

    This survey is meant for people who are looking for a diagnosis, not PALS. It is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek, which I hope everyone would have picked up by the ridiculous exceptions to "ALS symptoms" that I listed. I wanted to get people to think about their "symptoms" and poke holes in the...
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    Weird inconsistencies: a survey

    Hi all. Have your doctors ever looked at you and scratched their heads in befuddlement at your "classic ALS symptoms"? The reason why is you don't have ALS, but that's a different story. I thought it would be interesting if some people on here posted symptoms that were "almost, but not quite...
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    a year of going to the doctor

    EMGs are useful for more than just helping to diagnose ALS, so I wouldn't worry about that. The weakness in ALS is progressive and never improves, so that's something. Has your doctor ordered any MG tests?
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    Looking to hear your perspective, fatigue->bad swallowing->imperfect emg->twitching

    Re: Looking to hear your perspective, fatigue->bad swallowing->imperfect emg->twitchi How is this helpful at all Outdoor? You're throwing out ridiculous longshots. I can get struck by a meteor, but keep in mind one person has been struck out of countless millions. How about I tell you that...
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    My story

    I will Elaine. I've been mulling this decision for days. After I decided that all of my "symptoms" could be explained by anxiety (which I have a history of), I decided that enough is enough, and I needed to address my problem. I'll keep the boards posted on my progress. I hope my decision to...
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    My story

    Done. I've sent my new PCP a message about my mental issues. The irony is that I had to be seriously drunk to do it. Don't worry, I'm still a grammar Nazi even when I'm drunk. I'm just tired of wasting my/you all's time with these issues when my mental issues are the metaphorical elephant in...
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    Fifth EMG - Update

    Where do you get the money to do all these EMGs bluedog? I'm thinking you live in a mansion in North Tuscon and buy 15 L bottles of Ace of Spades champagne.
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    My story

    Elaine, You're right, you know (about the health anxiety). I guess my deal is that I'm frustrated that nothing has come from spending all that time and money. I just continue to feel worse everyday, and I've got no one to vent to. I don't want to tell my mother because she has problems of...
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    Steve, What "simple blood test" are you referring to? I've had tests for TSH and T4 hormones...

    Steve, What "simple blood test" are you referring to? I've had tests for TSH and T4 hormones, but those came up normal. What is the name of the blood test?
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    Does this sound like als to any of you? Bulbar or limb onset

    Bailey, I really think Barbie is just trying some tough love to shock you out of your health anxiety. I'm going through the same struggles with distressing symptoms and looking for a diagnosis as you are, and I actually appreciate the people here, even when it seems like they make light of...
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    Steve, Thanks for your message. I kind of think it's a thyroid issue too, and I am scheduled...

    Steve, Thanks for your message. I kind of think it's a thyroid issue too, and I am scheduled to see an endocrinologist in November. I'm not too sure about how T4 and TSH tests are conducted and what the results mean, but I do know that my thyroid looks significantly enough abnormal to merit a...