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  • ysato, hey, Hi, Aloha...
    I'm doing ok and you? Been awhile. I hope you are having good weather, been kinda windy hear lately..
    What? really... they denied you? Is there something I can do to help get this moving? I see Dr. Kimata this Friday, maybe he might be able to help?? I know he mentioned that itʻs tough to get a PWC... but thats a bunch of crap (sorry for my language) If I can help, lmk...
    Iʻm doing okay, Iʻm still using and roller walker to get around and still go to the office 2ʻx a wk to help out.
    Hang in there, take care and God Bless. {{{ HUGS to you too}}}
    Hi Yo, hope you are doing ok. Got denied for PWC...back to square one..but it will happen someday soon I hope. {{{HUGS}}
    Aloha yo,
    Yes we are having big thunderstorms and rain. it's driving my dog nuts...she is not use to it....poor thing. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I too pray for you and hope you are doing well. {Hug} di
    Hi Yo,
    So sorry to hear about your fall, hope you are ok?....I do it all the time, I'm and expert faller now...lol
    PWC still in medicare approval paperwork, 2 months now, sheeesh! All the grandkids had a Happy Holiday for sure. Hope you did as well. Happy New Year to you and yours!....Aloha di
    Hi Ysato, Thank you for the note. Hoping you are doing ok. Don't wear yourself out this holiday...Keep smiling! Aloha Di
    HI Yo, So good to hear...slow..I believe i am slow also. Yeah!
    Well I think power chair is now on order first approval from medicare, hope hope all goes well..:)

    Have a great weekend...Aloha...(((Hug)))
    Hey Kelli... good to hear from you... hope this finds you doing the best possible... Wow...cool a choir director and music teacher... thats awesome... Iʻm glad your doing okay...just hang in there... Medical red tape sucks... took me a while to get my disability going after 5 or 6 months I was finally approved. So I donʻt drive and work anymore but I still go in to help out and keep busy so I donʻt go crazy...lol My boss and his family is super awesome... they always push me to not stop living so gotta make the best of what is... On a flip side, I know your very young to have the yucky stuff but my cousin was 21y and had MS she passed away at 24y w/ 4 young children and husband... hope this was okay to share with you... if not, Iʻm sorry... but itʻs something I was meaning to share with you but then I was away from this site for a while... So hows the family? did they finally see the light? Hope all is well with them. Aloha, yo :)
    Hi Doris,
    Yeah music is kind of my life and livelihood. I am trying to conserve my voice as long as possible so I can continue to have a job! (I am a choir director and music instructor). I am doing okay. Dealing with medical red tape is really a pain though..finally after 4 months of trying I am finally getting an appt next week for a PT evaulation and weekly sessions. Took long enough. Hoping to get some aid to help me with walking as my legs are so bruised up from constantly falling. How are you doing?
    Aloha Doris,
    I am doing okay and keeping busy as best possible... Itʻs been a while since I visited here... good to hear from you too... How are you doing? Hope you had fun this weekend... my weekend was very busy, my daughter was homecoming queen and Iʻm glad its all done with... maybe Iʻll post some pictures soon... Well, you take care and have a great week... Aloha, yo
    Greetings from NJ ysato, How are you doing? hope this not finds your cheerful. Hope you enjoy your weekend with family. Its been awhile and I wanted to say ALOHA! hugs
    good to hear from you too... Mines started in my legs too... I use a roller walker with hand breaks to get around and the manuel WC for long distance. Iʻm still able to shower and dress myself and my eating is good. Iʻll keep the T D X-SP in mind when I see my Doc this month... thanks again for sharing your WC information... it helped me alot... Iʻm pretty sure by next year I may need a power WC... you have a wonderful evening and an awesome week... Aloha :)
    Aloha ysato, so good to hear you are doing ok. My legs are getting so weak, dont want to fall and get injured, would only make things worse. You need to think of that also. Mine started in my leag, how about you. Hot here also, and after it rains so muggy. I am thinking I will go for the Invacare T D X-SP, with all options. Still mot stettled yet though. Have a Great evening!
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