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  • Hi Ray! I hardly come here anymore. I hang out on FaceBook mostly. I got a DPS on October 28th. Still kicken! It's good to hear from you! Sorry about your heart attack! I'm glad you're recovering from it. What next? Hugs to you Ray!
    Hi Ray! It has been a long time. Congratulations on your new home. It's been snowing like crazy here! We're buried under a couple feet of heavy snow. I'm leaving for Texas for a month to be with family to give Brad a break from caregiving. He will do things that he wouldn't be able to do if I were home like skiing, camping with his buddy, and fishing opener in Minnesota with guys he grew up with. I will carouse with friends and family in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I have lost much strength in my legs and core but am still breathing, speaking and swallowing pretty well though. Can't wait to see your pictures! It's good to hear from you Ray! :)
    Ankle foot orthosis. They eliminate foot drop and make walking easier. Dang Ray! Don't you have enough problems without heart trouble? Be careful with your sweet self. We need you you know?
    Do you have AFOs yet? I still fall from time to time but the AFOs really help a lot! I thought we were supposed to hang on to our weight. Did your Dr. Say you should drop some or something? Be careful with yourself Ray! Don't make me come up there Toots! ;)
    How are you stranger? Long time no hear! It's hot here as it is most everywhere. You okay?

    Ah, I see you've been responding on your own page. To respond to someone click on the link below the message your responding to where it says "View Conversation" and then your response shows up on their page. No wonder I haven't heard from you Babe! ;)
    Hello Ray-
    Thank you. I'm trying to take in so much information, but what really feels good is the support and humor! Visited the site several times before my diagnosis and found that it made me less anxious about the outcome. Now that I've received a diagnosis, that's still the case only more so. i have amazing doctors and a wonderful family, but this is definitely a journey that we each make alone, so knowing that there are others on the same path makes all the difference.

    Hi there Sweets

    I am still ok here
    still going to the doctor at Univ of Utah, they are really good....
    Pat got me an exercise Bike of the Sun room and so far I have lost 30 lbs - down to 234
    not bad for 6' 3' - goal is 190 - what I was in the Army and when I graduated from high school.

    sending hugs from Ray
    Hi Punkin! How the heck are you? I haven't seen you for awhile. You okay Sweets.
    She is a cutie, you know i clean houses, and I love all the cats and dogs at my houses, but sometimes them cats get ornery and scratch the crap out of me or bite me. I have a long scar on my arm now..lol
    Dear Ray, I know how heartbreaking it is to lose a fuzzy kid. I've been through it many times. I'm sorry for your loss Dear. I have two 18 year old kitty girls now. I try not to think about losing them.

    So glad that you're getting a new baby! They're full of energy at first and she probably won't leave you alone! How fun!! Looking forward to seeing pictures! Let me know when you get them up, K?

    Hugs to you! Take care!
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