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  • Hello I hope things are going well in your world today. Just wanted to drop a line and say HI.
    I put you on the map, everyone is welcome. If you are a forum member you can be "pinned".
    I haven't had any problems with developing sentences or typing words. My speech problems have been limitted to my voice getting horse and raspy. I have shoulder issues big time! I also have spasticity in my legs, neck and back along with cramping. My calf muscles have a constant twitch to them and lately, my hands have been getting fatigued while I tune pianos.
    Wynn, yes I have problems in typing too ... interesting that you identified using the correct finger on the wrong hand. I often mistype a complete wrong word, but it always has the same number of letters as the word I meant, and some related sound. Like: I will want to type "last," but will type "best" instead.

    My eye problems are double vision in reading and a rapid deterioration in my sight since the ALS began. I assume the poor eyesight is age, but the double vision is troublesome.

    Welcome to the forum, by the way. I'm sorry you have to be here, but am glad you found us!
    To start a new thread, you can click on "ALS/MND Support Group Forums" on the upper left of the page; it is in blue ink. After you click on that, the computer will bring up a list of categories on the left. Click on the related category (i.e. "Do I have ALS/Is this ALS?" or General discussions, etc). At his point, when the category comes up, you will see "New Thread" option on the upper left, beneath the category title. Click on that and you are ready to go.
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