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  • Hello. I read on another post that you were the one to ask about EMG results. I'm confused about the difference between EMG and NCV. My neuro said that my EMG was normal, but ncv showed a mildly low amplitude of the left sural nerve. Can you please help me out with what this means? Thank you for your time.
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    Hi Wright,
    I´m not going to write my whole story here. I´ve been under investigation for about four years. During these years I have a very good contact with my neurologist. I´ve had four emg´s and there´s some findings that my neurologist don´t give me some clear answers to. Applogise for any typos.....I´m Swedish :)

    Would it be possible to contact you in privacy (email?) with my emg results?

    Two months ago I started having random twitching (no weakness), mainly in my lower legs, and became concerned enough to schedule a neurology appointment. I had an EMG done in all four limbs about 2-3 weeks after the onset on the symptoms and he said that my EMG was completely normal. About a week after this, my right leg (mainly in the calf) started stiffening and now my entire leg from the knee down feels completely stiff. He also said my neuro exam was normal, but that was about a week before my leg became symptomatic with stiffness.

    Could the neuro test and EMG have been done too early? I trust more that the EMG wasn't done too early since I was having some type of twitching, but am concerned about the neuro exam portion.I have seen discussions on here saying that an EMG can show issues before you before very symptomatic, but what about the neuro exam? If I had a normal exam would that be sufficient, even if a week later I potentially developed an UMN symptom?
    I was having some ALS fears again this last week. A lot of fasciculations, overall muscle weakness, and denting in my calf (same as before thought I believe). I just wanted to let you know this message you sent me almost 4 years ago really relaxed me tonight! If this much time has passed then I am sure there is nothing to worry about. Thank you!!
    Hi Wright:

    Would you mind taking a look at the posted EMG of my right arm and offer your advice on this? I asked specifically about fibs and positive waves and she said there were none. Would they show up later if all my symptoms started not quite a month ago? Can you get damage like this by punching something really hard (like a wall?)

    Other symptoms: twitching in all four limbs, in my throat (where my adam's apple is) and parts of my neck.

    Thanks, Wright.
    Hello Wright,
    Its been a while! I was hoping you could help me answer an EMG question. If someone is twitching all over and has a clean EMG of one side, is that sufficient to rule out ALS? This comes up often on the BFS sites because people with anxiety are temporarily relieved with a clean EMG and then start to panic that something was missed on the side that was not EMG'd. Can you comment? I so appreciate the time you take to answer my questions. Thank you!
    Continued message:
    He called his boss in who also had a look, but didn't seem worried. He poked around a bit himself and said it was fine. Very confusing. Both noted the left thenar atrophy and he also
    needled that area briefly, said 'nothing, don't worry' and left.
    I'm not quite sure what to make of this now, as the first neuro seemed so concerned.
    Unfortunately I am still waiting to get the results sent to me, but my question is: if the neuro
    was concerned about fibrillation, should I maybe get a further EMG done in a few months? He did say to come back if there are any changes in my condition, but to relax for now. ALSO: I'm not entirely sure my hand was fully relaxed as the needle
    really hurt. Could this have caused the activity and could it have been confused with fibs at all or does that show an entirely different pattern?
    I would be so greatful for your insight. Hope you have a wonderful christmas! Keddy
    Dear Wright,
    I was hoping you could help me with an EMG question, as I understand you are an expert in this field and have kindly helped many anxious people like myself.
    I have had symptoms for about 5 months now (fascics, myoclonic jerks, right arm muscles tight and stiff, left thenar atrophy, right calf dent/slight weakness, breathing troubles...). My first EMG shortly after symptoms started in right thigh and arm were normal.
    As symptoms still got worse I spent the last two weeks in a psychosomatic hospital where another EMG was conducted: right thigh normal, left thigh normal. But THEN: outside of right hand showed constant activity while the muscle was relaxed. The neuro was concerned and mumbled to himself that he couldn't tell if the sound was regular or not (I guess to determine if it was pathological). Also he said that the amplitudes were high when I tensed up my hand.
    sorry rambling, continuing in new message...
    I had an EMG done in August after minimal tongue twitching in July. The EMG was totally clean, not even fasciculations.

    In september the tongue twitches came back and now I have maybe 5 twitches a day. Could this be the hyperexcitability phase, or would the EMG have picked something up back in august?
    Dear wright! I'm 27 yo female. I have widespread twiching and some tenar atrophy.ncs seems ok, but this is emg:
    Abductor digiti, abductor pollicis bilateralis(im translating this) : mildly reduced intermediar inervation sample with compensatory action potentials. Amplitude 5 mV.
    Extensor digitorum communis bilateralis:
    intermediar inervation sample with compensatory action potentials. Amplitude 4-5 mV
    Deltoideus, brachioradialis: intermediar inervation sample with some longer and higher action potential.
    There is no clear pathological actions in all muscles tested."

    This emg and ncs was two months ago, i noticed atrophy two weeks before that with widespres twiching. How is it possible that emg didn't find any fasciculations when i have one every 2-3 seconds? doc. think that i have mild c7, c8 t1 chronic radiculopathy. But i'm not convinced since my symptoms started acutely, and are slowly progressing since.I feel like i lost some dexterity, but i can open jars and buttons...
    Hey Wright,

    Just wondering if you could go over my thread and let me know your thoughts. Much appriciated.

    If you could give me any input on this EMG/NCS

    Ins Act, Amp, Dur, Int Pat were all Normal
    1st Dorin on Right Arm had 1+ Fibs, 2+ PSW, and Reduced Recrt, 0 Poly, no Fasc
    Pronator Teres right arm had 1+ fibs, 1+ PSW and every thing else normal
    ExtDigCom right arm had1+ Fibs and PSw, 3+ Poly, normal everything else
    Right Biceps and Triceps were normal all the way across, this is my dominant hand
    Left 1stDorint had 2+ Fibs and Psw, reduced recrt, normal everything else
    ExtDigCom showed +1 Psw, few fasc, 3+ Poly, and reduced recrt
    Left Pronator Teres showed 1+ fibs and psw, normal all else
    Left biceps showed 1+ psw and normal everything else
    Right ant Tibilas showed 1+ Fibs and 2+Psw with reduced recrt
    Right Gastroc showed 1+ PSW and reduced recrt, normal all else
    Vastus Lat showed showed few fasc, normal all else
    C5 Parasp showed 3+ Poly, Normal all else
    C6 Parasp was all normal
    T8 Parasp showed only 3+ Poly

    Any ideas would be appreciated.
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