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  • Did you ever develop into anything or just kept twitching? I have been twitching for 7 weeks and they are fine and invisible. I don't know what to think. I had a emg and it was normal. Still worried though.
    Well I'm telling you that's it....your brain can do alot...I'm living proof...believe me on this one...at the beginning fight about a year into it I couldn't mix pancake batter by hand because my arms would get tired...then I thought I had trouble swallowing ...out of breath...etc....7 years later I'm still here...lol
    WeL if your an anxiety type person like me that worries alot about everything. ..gets stressed alot and is sort of a hypochondriac like me... (I'm getting better..lol )..then that's alot of the problem...like I said I've gone thru 7 years of twitching and it all started with looking at the Internet. ..your pretty young to have any fatal disease ...are you a worrier?
    I have that too....my mom said he was suppose to be full blooded brother...who knows I could never figure that one out....my arms get tired all the time and shortness of breath...been going on a long time...I wouldn't worry about that to much...I use to do strength tests all the time and that made things worse...I'm still out of breath doing things 7 years later...how old are you?
    I have far more than twitches though unfortunately like fatigue in my arms and I'm short of breath all the time
    Well all I can hope for is its bfs...but it is what it is...hopefully it doesn't run in the family. .my parents never had anything nor any other relative that I know of except a brother I never met because he was adopted out ....
    It all started out being stressed after having major pain in my calfs then looking at the Internet and went right to als...not a smart move...lol
    Yeah not sure what to think....everyone I talk to or what I've read says after 7 years I would other signs of it...so who knows...my dr.just kind of chucklestuff and walks away and says I don't have it....just not sure if there are other people that go that long before it turns into something
    Hey I read your post that is very scary I've been twitching for a year straight now 24/7 I'm heard some bfs cases Turning into ALS but I think it's rare but that's so scary
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