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  • Wright,

    Thank you for getting back in touch.

    I also get like a tickle on the soles of both feet, although I can't see them.
    Does this point away from ALS too?

    I have severe anxiety re my symptoms and signs and this is why I am so worried about ALS

    I do need to relax

    When I asked neuro re nerve tests he said no he wouldn't do that.
    Do you think I should of asked for emg?

    So you think I should just leave things at seeing GP, then seeing neuro who found onlymslightnincreaed tone right ankle, then the MRI of brain, neck and spine were all normal and bloods includ b12' glucose f c and thyroid were all normal.

    Would I just try and move on from this point
    I am looking at your signs and symptoms and seeing absolutely nothing that should worry you. I'm not at all sure why you're worried about ALS to begin with, because nothing points in that direction. A twitching eye, along with twitches in calves is incredibly common. Your feelings of pins-and-needles sounds like a minor circulation problem to me. Listen to your neuro and relax.
    I have been to gp, neuro and two days ago had MRI scan of brain, spine and neck
    Neurologist has just phoned all is clear
    I still have twitchy eye, pins n needles at bedtime right hand and elbow and rit foot, he said he could, give me tabs and follow me up in six months if needed
    Never thought at the time. But should I of asked to have nerve study tests
    All my bloods include b12 throid glucose etc ate normal.
    Sorry to bother you,
    But did you receive my mail re the twitchy eye lashes
    And the quivering lips when smiling
    Tongue quivers when I stick it out but when I say aah it seems to just move a little with breathing
    I am swallowing fine
    Still have the pins n needles/numbness at night when lie down
    And writing feels a bit stiff, all on right side of body
    In the last few days my right eye , well eye
    Lashes are twitchy.
    And my lips do quiver when I smile for a fifteen seconds.
    I am still really anxious and need reassurance.
    Stil get Pns and needles, stiffness and numbness right and and leg when in bed
    Thanks again for ur time.
    Hope to hear ou soon.
    Thank you wright.
    I went to gp onfriday and he didn't seem concerned by my symptoms but said he woudl refer me for MRI Incase inflammation neck etc.
    Thank you for reply. I only newly found ut how to read the private messages.
    Your pins and needles sensations, along with numbness point away from ALS. A "jumpy" ankle is not what clonus is. Your tongue issue is a bit odd but would not indicate bulbar ALS in the absence of swallowing and speech problems. Put that all together and ALS is not even close to what you have. If you're concerned about your tongue, then I would go see a physician but it's my guess it's probably nothing. I wish you the best.
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