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    ("I am awaiting an EMG, and am not sure what areas they will test. My question is a technical one; if they test the upper and lower limbs would anything show up if in fact it was early bulbar onset? I understand that it is a body wise disease, but am not sure to what extent electro symptoms would be in the "non-onset" regions.")

    The Neuro will be (or is) aware of your symptoms and will know where to perform the EMG.

    But... the message from you above is best directed to your Neuro. Make a list of all your questions and concerns... so many forget to do that. And, if you don't understand his/her answers don't sit there nodding your head... it's your money (you're paying for the visit and the test) ask questions. Then trust and accept the results.

    But... find patience and that will be easier to find if your avoid the med web sites and this Forum until your EMG.
    Thanks for the note. I dunno how the whole "friend" thing works, but if you figure it out, feel free to add me! I see you have your MRI and neuro appointments coming up. Will this be your first neurologist to exam you since symptoms became an issue?
    I continue to follow your thread :) Best of luck...I hope you get some answers very soon!
    Thanks so much for your message! I feel for us both...the very fact that we are on THIS forum is an awful indicator of how messed up we feel we are!! OF COURSE we don't want it to be the thing we fear the most...it does take quite a bit of mental gymnastics to keep my mind from the realm of possibility though! I am glad you wrote me...I worried that I had overstepped. It was with empathy and true care that I wrote (by the way...I was then messaged and told to NOT respond on others threads until I was diagnosed, so I didn't even get to come back and check on you!!). Best to you...I'll be following you. Hope YOU find a simple, treatable answer soon as well. Peace!
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