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    For better or for worse...

    So good to hear from you after the recent ordeal. No more complications! Life is complicated enough.
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    Paperwork. Grr...

    I hear you, Jersey. Joining the choir! And I'm a lucky one because my PALs never had any money that I needed to claim or take care of. One banking account and I was done. So I thought. At my PALs one year death anniversary a letter concerning his disability pension surfaced (after being dormant...
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    For better or for worse...

    All the best! Viel Erfolg!
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    For better or for worse...

    What an enormous amount of planning went into this so far! It almost sounds easy the way you break it down but I'm sure it's all kinds of stress. I'm sending lots of energy to your whole pack and you especially. Good luck, and better yet, excellent doctors for the surgery, quick healing and as...
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    Tough bitter sweet day

    Marie-Laure, thank you for sharing this with us. Just a big bitter-sweet hug from me. Bisous!
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    The Next Part of the Journey

    Yep. Nope. ;) Okay, more detail: I didn't feel too traumatized as my run with the ALS Circus was a relatively short one. As far as I can think back I made decisions pretty quickly and seldom regret anything. So as long as I feel like myself I would feel sane enough. You always impress me with...
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    Catching up

    Hey Nina, thank you for checking in! Happy to hear you feel stronger and you and sisters are good together. I check into the forum less and less but think of y'all often and tell my offline friends stories about you. Wanna play catch-up with me? My PALS one year anniversary this summer hit me...
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    My heart is broken, but he is free

    My heart goes out to you and your family. So very sorry...
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    Kay is flying free

    I'm very sad to hear she's gone. Thank you for telling us, she was (and will remain here) a great source of joy and wisdom. My heart goes out to her whole tribe.
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    In sickness and in health

    Holy cow! From this day forward it's V as in VENT! Hope you heal quickly and hubby will be less critical (not only in than timespan). Still keeping my fingers crossed for that Yellowstone trip or just a couple weeks without idiots, hurt and havok.
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    In memory of...

    I'm so sorry she's gone but glad you did this race against the beast together. My boyfriend will be gone a year tomorrow. I'll meet a bunch of his friends at a bar and will also make a toast to Mrunalini and all of the other brave PALS that left us in the last year. Lots of strength for your...
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    Moving forward

    Hugs and more hugs, dear Sue!
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    hospice thinks I'm getting better!

    You go girl and educate! Joke's on them.
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    my father has gone

    Much peace and strength to you and your family.
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    Lost my loved one and first attempts at moving on

    A beautiful eulogy to your husband and the way you took together. I'm very sorry you had to lose him. He sounds like a great guy. Let me assure you that having been there in the best and worst of times often makes it weirdly okay. Enjoy the new freedom whenever you can, sleep will follow, when...