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    Heating pads, etc

    I use a heated mattress pad in the bed, I find standing or sitting too long my legs turns icy. If my legs are up they are not as cold so if sitting use a otter-man and a blanket
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    Dress Shoes with an Ankle Brace

    I was able to buy some 'dress' shoes where I purchase my braces. They aren't dressy like normal shoes but do look better with dress pants etc. than sneakers. I just last week started donating all my skirts and dresses as I am not comfortable with having the braces (black) showing. They come...
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    This is a great topic and one I am struggling with. I find very much if I overdo things that I pay for it and have to take time to recover but I enjoy doing the walk or exercise. Just not able to do as much anymore but also don't want to do nothing. Trying to find a good balance. I have been...
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    Muscle biopsy

    I had 3 muscle biopsies on the lower leg and behind my knee. Wide awake for all of them and asked to see what they took out. All showed denervation and atrophy amongst other things. I had healing time after, not long, but no real issues with loss of mobility from the biopsies. Also had a...
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    Haven't been around for a while....update?

    Hi Folks, I haven't been here in a time, I am trying to just move on with things as they have been. I was diagnosed a few years back as having LMD and have just been moving along and trying to deal with it. Recently because of some issues I was sent for a swallowing test and it is found that I...
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    Been Prescribed....not sure?

    I was diagnosed with LMND in the spring, I just had a follow up appt with neuro doc and he has prescribed "dilantin". I know it seems wrong to question his knowledge, but I really don't feel this is a prescription I should be taking. I do have the option from him to call with results with a...
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    Is this/should I be...concerned?

    Thanks Brooksea...I don't have that feeling of infection (but phlegm can be green at times) but have an appointment in Nov. with my GP. I have, hopefully if it doesn't get altered, an apt. with my new neurologist in Oct and will mention it to him. I just don't know how to describe it other...
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    Is this/should I be...concerned?

    I have notice that some nights, not all but a lot nights, I don't seem to move through the night. Legs don't move right, arms don't move right etc. although in my mind/sleep... I wake and feel restless. I used have and still do on occasion, have very severe leg cramps...but in some ways, it's...
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    cant tke no more

    Have to agree but I don't honestly know how to handle the situations. I was in a neuro examine and not being able to fully "groom certain areas" when they examined my legs, although I still had underwear on, which probably made it worse. The doc said....maybe we should just cover this...
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    What? came to a place that offers so much love, support and knowledge. I am sorry you have to be here...but be assured the arms that hold you here are very welcoming. Ask, cry, vent....this is still a place to rest, learn and love. Wishing you well.
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    MDA Show of Courage

    Great ad...and good job Linda....thank you :)
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    Chemical in many antibacterial soaps linked with impaired muscle function

    Wow...please don't say all the Colgate products! I know it sounds weird but I have had significant issues with eczema for many many years, did a full blown allergy test. Narrowed it down to many things and through taking things in and our etc., at least a toothpaste I was using was a culprit...
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    I guess my feeling has been that if I don't feel I need help from the ALS Society then I shouldn't bother them at this time. I figure there may be a time in the future that I will need their assistance. For now....this is a learning curve/experience for me. I have never gone through a lot...
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    Have to admit I have had some temp issues but not to the extremes or probable reasons you describe....mine are more likely menopause for sure! Except that I do have to say, when my muscles are cold.....there truly is no getting past it at all. They will simply cease up and stop working. Even...
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    Hi again and again....thank you for taking the time to respond and for the support. While I said I eat healthy....that really doesn't mean I don't eat. It truly means that I have had issues in the past with cholesterol and high blood pressure that I try to deal with in a dietary form. So far...