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    giving an update

    Just letting you know i will be going to see the als specialist sometime this weak after being refferd there due to an abnormal emg by my neurologist. the als specialist i will be seeing is doctor christian shoesmith at the london health science centre. I will be having a second emg after seeing...
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    Would like your opinion

    thanks for the replys, i will def let you guys know how it goes when i see the als specalist in december. i forgot to add one new symptom thats been bothering me a lot the past month or so, i was wondering if it could relate. besides coughing alot while eating/swolling problems, i had a cold...
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    Would like your opinion

    thanks for the reply,i forgot to add that the nerve conduction part of the test was normal only the needle part was abnormal dont know if that means anything and the place iam being sent to is the london health sciences centre motor neuron disease floor 7, which is like a 4 hour drive. :( and...
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    Would like your opinion

    First off, I dont think i have als however i get the impression my doctors think i do. I started feeling somewhat off off last year, then earlier this year we discovered my potassium and alt were elavated which we determined to be muscle waisting, i was then sent to see a neurologist who seemed...
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    Recent Emg, muscle/ neurological problems

    been having muscle/ neurological problems for many years and recently had an emg and was wondering if i should be concerned about the results. here is the report, This study is abnormal, Scant positive sharp-waves were noted in some muscles, including the paraspinal muscles with...