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  • Will, how did the clinic appt go? Good news I hope. Sorry didn't see your post till today. I have had family here all month & went to Vegas for 3 days.
    Wow, we are both Barrow patients & RN's. I work in pediatric home health. What part of the valley do you live in? I'm in the west valley. So sorry about your partner, he is lucky to have you. I have my husband of almost 24 years for my CAL. I'm bulbar onset, still walking, talking (slurred), & eating (couple of choking episodes).
    Thanks Will. Looks like we have the same Dr. I'm at the beginning of this journey. Took 11 months to diagnosis from my first sign of slurred speech.
    Hey Will...thought Jim did...my error. Sorry about that! I was using 3 tbsp a day before my peg...put it in my coffee and tea and on hot cereal. Hope you guys are doing A-OK!

    Good morning! I had a peg placed...wonding how to put the coconut oil down this. Hope you and Jim are doing well!
    I know all to well of hyper reflexes, mine are extremely hyper, my startle response however is the most bothersome, Any unexpected noise and i go flying!
    Hi will and Jim
    Did you get a definate diagnosis from Jim's dr yet? If you went to your dr and explained what problem you are having, my guess is he would be happy to help you and give you the dx of als. I had to do this as well, and they are still not sure what I have. als or pls. I'm coming up on the 5 year mark in oct.
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