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  • Will, please post what you think has helped your partner arrest his progression. My husband has started deteriorating rapidly, and I am at my wits end. We would be grateful for anything. The Deanna Protocol seemed like it was working to hold him at one level, now he says it is making him worse, and he would rather enjoy life while he can, but go quickly rather than slowly.
    Great to hear Jim is stable! I continue at what I believe is slow progression for a Bulbarian. Speech more slurred, don't eat much ( mostly use PEG tube). Still walking unaided around the house, driving, & self care. Good luck on the house improvements. Last year I had the pool area re-landscaped. Electric solar panels just went up on our roof. Handicap van. Starting to plan bathroom remodel & widening the entrance to our bedroom.

    You two take care of each other and wish you well,

    Hi, how have you been. Any new cruises? I did a 2 week Hawaii cruse & a 1 week Alaska cruise last spring. I'm getting a Peg, & DPS on 4/28. Hope you are doing well.
    Hi Will I would like to compare strategies for fighting this disease. I trying exercise, diet and supplements (DP) I saw a post from Dbtree that you had lusck with your approach.
    I am very happy to hear your news. If you could please forward your strategies I would really appreciate it. I have went three years with no major changes in my symptoms. Hopefully we are on the same path.
    HI WIll, glad to hear about Jims condition. As most of here, I am eager to know about his strategy to arrest this thing!
    Thak you so much for this exciting news!

    all best, D.
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