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  • Not hearing from you in so long worries me. Don't forget that we are here and are thinking of you!
    Oh, shingles are miserable. My husband had a bout last year (before we knew he was dealing with ALS). I blamed work stress...I guess there was more to it. I know you really have your hands full. I haven't been on a lot lately, but please know I'm thinking if you and will be here when you want to chat..or vent...or or
    Boy, he does sound like you had a awful month. My dad had gout several years ago and I remembered him being in lots of pain. Shingles are pretty bad too. My daughter and I are going to Dallas to see my dad for a week around June 7th. I haven't seen him since right after Christmas. He is doing fairly well for having ALS. Take care, Kim
    How are things going for you? Wishing your family a Happy Easter. You are on my prayer list. Kim
    Hi Wildemom. I just found your friend request--my first (still learning how to use the forum)! Thank you. We also live in a rural area about 2 hours from support groups and doctors, so this is it for me, too. Let's chat any time1
    Good morning, my name is Karen, but everyone calls me Sissy. Just was reading your post, and wanted to reach out and say hi, I'm some what of a newbie on here as well, and whenever I log on and have a message it kinda just boosts my day..... So I thought it may do the same for you!
    I relate to you in so many ways, I guess we just have to hang in there! My hubby is getting so much weaker lately I'm not exactly sure of the next step, but being on here you can almost figure out what to expect. For me that's a good thing. I think.....
    Anyway, I won't keep ya too long, just wanted to introduce myself and say (sadley) welcome. Please feel free to talk whenever ya need or want too. This forum has become a daily routine for me. Everyone on here feels like more of my freinds than my "normal " friends do...... I guess cause we are all riding the same wave......
    I hope your day is good, as well as your hubby's! Talk to ya soon!
    We live in an rural area and are about 2 hours away from a support group. My counselor suggested I find an online group to find people who are going through the same things. In the last 10 months I have visited this site but never registered. The last few weeks have been tough and I decided this might be my only chance to find a friend that can understand where I am in my life, what I feel and how to get through it. I am very close with my Mom and cannot imagine what it is like to have your Mom who has always cared for you sick and you caring for her. Thank you for your message, it already feels good to be here.
    I am glad that you joined the forum. This disease is truly awful and sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is reading this forum and knowing that I am not alone. I help care for my mom - who just turned 87 today and has bulbar onset. You will find a lot of empathetic people who are also caring for spouses and are more than willing to share their experience. Sorry for your need to be here but welcome.
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