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  • Whistler, I am so sorry for how you were treated in that thread...wasn't right. Had I seen it before it closed I would have put in my strong 2 cents to those who dissrespected your brother. I know you may think twice about posting here now...but don't let that take you away from the postives this place can bring you. Believe me,I have had my fair share of 'vacations' from this place because of different things I was told by different members. The short of it is, even though this is a very delicate and hard forum to be in..we can't stop people from making stupid comments when they don't know entirety of situations. Take a break, come back, and ignore those who stick their noses into situations they need to know nothing about.
    Whister, I am reaching out because of the thread about a relative in prison and has ALS. I am a volunteer for a prodigal/prisoner ministry in my hometown and would like to help in any way that I can. I do not have a anyone that I know with ALS, My fiance is going through some neuro issues, but undiagnosed. Anyhow, I would like to know if I can do anything. Many blessings to you and your family.
    You closed the thread because you don't like what we told you. WOW really? You came to the best place for advice, give half the info and you want us to lead you in the right direction.Sad for YOU , alot of smart, educated people here that could help. DOES matter what he did, don't want to help a rapist, murderer, or like a child molestor.Must be a biggie if you don't want to share. Pay your money and take your chances. or should I say, do a crime, go to jail, call foul when you want out for a deadly disease.? We would like to help, but you judge us, I don't think so. You give half the info and expect us to pat you on the back and say it don't matter, IT DOES MATTER, I have kids ect... Don't ask, if you don't want to be honest and tell. We can help you, but why??You are not honest with us. Maybe you should start a new thread, Don't ask, Just Tell" Sad for you and ignorance is not BLISS, just ingnorant.
    Regarding your post about prison and ALS- dont come looking for advice if you cant handle the opinions you receive. The fact is- it DOES matter what the conviction is.
    I don't think We meant to B a s h Anyone You asked we told now for your question socialized medicine describes a system ah publicly administered national healthcare and yes canada has it you can check g o o g l e I don't know if that covers prisoners
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