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  • Hey Margaret, Thanks for your very constructive kind words recently. I'm so sorry to learn that you weren't able to regain the sight in your eye. I was hoping.

    I didn't know that we weren't "friends" here. How can that be? sending you a friendship request.
    Thank you Margaret, you brought tears to my eyes with your hugs! I need one right now! Ug, this is a nightmare!!!
    Margaret, just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you. I know you are frightened. Please let us know what happens at the doctor's tomorrow.
    HI Margret

    Okemas is where MSU is. I lived there about 11 yrs ago for awhile. It is about and hour and half from me know. I live in oakland tep but it is actually Rochester hills that I live. How old is your daughter?
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