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  • wendy, saw Jims calf massage thread. Would you send me the link for the booties foot massage you got. I would love to get something that I know works for someone rather than trying something new and it not working for me. Thank you!
    Thank you so much for your time in answering, very much appreciated. i will try and get a copy,
    Kind Regards
    Hi Wendy, am twitching big time, GP delay in EMG, i have done private emg, he states occassional polyphasic unit in calfs and right bicep, almost all muscles tested had mildly reduced interference pattern also chronic denervation left tricep, am worried and not sure, any ideas of what occasional polyphasic means? or what steps should i take, mainly twitching also toe weakness, i feel a bit uncordinated when walking but stress is a big factor. Thanks

    I am a long time lurker on this site. Can you give me your opinion on my symptoms? 32 yo w male.

    Symptoms- body wide twitching for 1.5 years, legs and arms feel weak with daily activities and get stiff. Get a deep ache and burn in legs especially. I have exercise intolerance due to burning and fatigue. Feel better with rest, but never completely goes away.

    Went to gp a year ago and no weakness, normal reflexes, neg babinski, neg Hoffman. I can run, jump and do everything I want, but I feel the perceived weakness and get the burning. I also suffer from anxiety.

    Thanks Wendy for your quick reply l appreciate it very much, I know it sounds daft but stupidly even after all the advice and reassurance from yourselves and the experts, it just takes me back knowing about the symptoms of this dreadful illness, as I said I only had a EMG 8 weeks ago and it was normal, even with my little grasp of knowledge, surely anything that wasn't right would have been detected, I mean one can't go from clean to experiencing cramps, fasciculations and so called numbness in that short time.

    Afternoon Wendy,
    I know you have said a few times before about the fact that a EMG can pick up issues long before any symptoms, at my EMG l was diagnosed as having BFS that was 8 weeks ago and it was normal. I have tried to get a response in saying that if I am currently getting fasciculations, pain and numbness in my left arm and shoulders, would this have been picked up at the EMG? I feel very stupid and anxious that I am again thinking about this, I had a brief conversation with the Neurologist and he put the phone down in dusgust in me thinking about this. Surely anything that Im feeling now would have come up on test?

    Hi Wendy,

    I had a look at your story and just want to say thanks for the helpful replies. It can't be easy juggling MND and posting to others on a forum I really appreciate it and wish you all the best.

    thanks Wendy, I had sent him a pm and usually he would respond, so passing on my thoughts to him is much appreciated xx
    No we haven't I have been getting a bit worried myself, I will send him a pm today. He does usually respond to those quite quickly. I have also dropped a quick message to Mnda connect over here for assistance in making sure he is ok.
    Wendy x
    hey Wendy do you know if anyone on the UK forum has had any contact with Dave and if he is ok?
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