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  • Hi Wendy,

    I looked around a bit and did not see an actual pls 'group'. There is a thread concerning pls (near the bottom of the main board page) that anyone can post on. You could read all the posts, and also figure out who are the pls people by viewing their profile pages.

    Use the 'tool bar' at the top of this page, check out all of the categories, User CP, Community, Search, etc.
    You can see a list of all members in 'community', and go to anyone's page to find out 'About Me'.

    Also, under User CP (control panel), you can start your own social group, start your own thread, edit your personal info, etc., many things. Take some time and surf the forums a bit, you'll begin to learn your way around the place.

    Hope this helps,
    how do i navigate this system? i am a new member and when i enter a quick response it says it did not go through. i have asked bear, marylou to friend me.
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