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  • Hi! How are things going for you? I'm hanging in there. I joined a grief support group. I am still having a rough time with the passing of dad. I thought I had prepared myself. But, nobody can I have found out. My dad went so quick at the end.
    I adopted myself a dog a little bit before Christmas which keeps me company. The other day I was crying and he literally came up and with his paws wiped the tears from my eyes. Then he snuggled as close as he could to me and buried his head in my chest. It's like he knew I need comforted. Which I did. Take care, Kim
    I have been thinking about you. How are you doing? My dad is hanging in there but he is losing more and more use of his arms and legs everyday. Luckily, he is one of the fortunate one's and is still able to speak pretty clearly yet. Which I'm am so thankful for since I can still call him everyday since we are so far away. I'm hoping to go visit him in June. Take care and hugs, Kim
    I am so sorry about your loss of your husband. You were a wonderful wife to him. Sending you a hug. Pm anytime if you want to talk. Kim
    You are welcome! I am so glad that it helps him! It sure works for me. I always keep a saturated paper towel handy.

    I had read about a guy who claims that the oil has actually stopped his progression by ingesting 9 tablespoons daily in his diet (A lot of saturated fat!) but no one has seen any corroburating evidence so far. We think he was helping to sell a book by an advocate of this method.
    Merry Christmas to you! My dad is excited because I got our kids pictures taken and we are giving him some for one of his Christmas presents. He goes to every single movie that comes out. He should get a job as a movie critic. lol Take care, Kim
    Yes, we are very grateful to the VA. Dad feels guilty about it though. He feels everyone should get the same care and help.
    Hi! How are things going for you? My dad is hanging in there. Hand and arms getting weaker but speech, breathing, and eating still seems to be decent yet. The van my dad got through the VA is really helping out in getting dad back and forth to places. I just everyone would get the same assistance with things. The VA has helped dad out alot. Take care, Kim
    Hi! Just dropped by to say Hi! How are things going for you? We are going to go next weekend the 10th to visit my dad in Dallas for a quick trip. He is doing so-so. He still breathes pretty well and doesn't yet use his bi-pap, he can still eat most things if he goes slow, and his speech is still pretty decent. If he is overly tired his speech with get kind of raspy. His progression now has been hitting in the arms and hands lately. But, considering it is ALS he could be doing a whole lot worse. He just turned 80 on Sept. 11th. Netflix is still his bestfriend. lol Take care, Kim
    Thank you for your kind message. I'm hanging in there. Just alot of emotional pain going on. My dad though is doing reasonably well for having ALS. Not wanting any marathons but could be doing way way worse. So, we a grateful for that and the care he gets in Dallas from the ALS clinc and the VA is top-notch. Dad will turn 80 on Sept 11th. How are things going with you? Hugs, Kim
    Hello again. I've been absent from here for quite a while due to personal circumstances. I hope you are doing well.
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