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  • Hi Rose,
    I developed pneumonia and then my five year got developed it after her shingles cleared up. They can't figure out what is going on with us.
    How are you?
    Thanks so much for checking in with me.

    How are you feeling? I was away from the forum for a while, and was not able to keep up with you. When you get a chance, please drop me a note :)
    I am actually calm, so I know it's not stress. Is it adding to it? Maybe, I guess. I am actually thinking a lot about my mom and realizing that her dr. was wrong and that mine might be too when he says I don't have ALS based on my exam. I am trying to believe it with all my heart.
    Anyway, PLEASE let me know how the appointment goes!
    Thank you!!
    I am feeling like we're in the right place at infectious diseases! I am just praying that they find something (obviously)!

    Now...for you...remember your own words about your mom!! Try to remember that they were wrong about her...and it wasn't als...keep this in mind with what you're feeling and try to find peace in hope because the stress will only cause more symptoms and more stress!

    Wishing you the best!

    Yes, I agree with that. Go with what the nuero said. I believe that I was so nervous it made mine brisk, but at next appt I was calm and they were fine. It can happen.
    HI, I am glad that things went well for you today. I was following your thread and you had said that you other doc said you had hyper reflexes, did he mean that or brisk reflexes? Then when you went to your neuro he said your exam was unremarkable, does that mean that you dont have brisk or hyper reflexes? I was wondering. Ihad nuero say mine were fine, then another say they were brisk and then the day of my emg, they were fine. 2 of 4? take care.

    thank you for the sweet message. Please keep us posted as to what you find out at your appointment, I know your responsibilities for your little girl (who has a lovely name!) weigh heavily on you. Back when my first son was born, a friend of mine had a daughter born just a few days after Scott was. Her daughter turned out to have autism, so, though I don't claim to understand what you cope with on a daily basis, I know a little just by what she would express to me...... BTW, there are a few of us on here that are Steeler fans :) glad to meet another one. I've not lived in Pittsburgh for a number of years, but I have a daughter that is still there. take good care
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