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    G-tube change.

    So, after waiting for 2 hours the doctor looked at my tube, and the fact I've had diarrhea for 6 weeks and decided to try antibiotics. I am now on cipro for a week and decide from there. He also said the 20 mm flange inside my stomach would not only be really painful to remove, but also leave me...
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    48 Hours into ALS Diagnosis

    Welcome to the worst club out there. But if you have to be here it is a good place to be. Lots of tips, tricks,how to's and a good place to vent. You are among friends. VIncent
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    G-tube change.

    Thanks for the replies. The mic key seems interesting. I'll ask about it while I'm there. Vincent
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    G-tube change.

    I have a g-tube which is a dangler, placed in Oct 2016. After 3 years and multiple staph infections, diarrhoea for a month and coordinating between hospitals, I am getting it changed Monday. I understand it is pretty low stress, but I have no idea what to expect. Any guidance would be greatly...
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    Worried about popping feeling in shoulders and possible shoulder atrophy

    You have it from multiple neurologists and from very helpful people on this forum that you do not have ALS. People who are answering your posts have ALS and are in the process of dying. We really have a lot on our plates. Massaging neuroses is not something I feel is a worthwhile use of our...
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    Continued Worry! Sorry for posting another thread, my last one was closed

    Dude, You have wasted everybody's time here and now please feel free to leave. No, don't feel anything just leave and do not come back. You are pretty nervy coming here and expecting people who are dying to massage your neuroses. You have major software issues, we only deal with hardware here...
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    Loss of appetite and the chore of eating

    Allow me to pile on. I got my tube placed 3 years ago, and if you can live through a bad trip to the dentist, you will make out fine. I got my tube early as my breathing was sub 50% and pills were difficult to swallow. I was wide awake, mildly sedated, and it took all of 20 minutes. Mine was...
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    Muscle Atrophy Always Weight Loss?

    Muscle being denser than fat, yes you do lose weight. Having said that, atrophy happens after muscle failure. If you don't have muscles that don't work you are losing fat. Good for you! Vincent
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    I called my Knights of Columbus insurance advisor and he took it from there. I cashed out $ 25000 to pay for my daughter's wedding. I have another policy I can take even more on but I'm saving that for If my wife has to stop working. Vincent
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    PALS ROLL CALL NEW THREAD (PALS ONLY) Wednesday if possible or whenever

    I just finished off a project that began in May. After months of decline during which she didn't have a phone I got into my Mom's apartment. THe level of dementia she had reached was shocking. The apartment looked like an episode of hoarders. My brother who lives there was completely oblivious...
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    Phonation valve

    This all depends on what function he has as far as muscles that allow speaking go. Eye gaze is nothing more than a tool not unlike walking aids. It allows you to communicate, to read books, to look at things on the internet. Add in a google home and you can control your lights, lock the door...
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    Why do I feel so bad?

    As far as nutrition goes, buy a blender and puree what you normally eat. You may need to add water to get a good consistency for the tube. There is really no reason to use formula except for convenience when you are out. Soups are a good place to start. Vincent
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    Waiting for EMG

    First things first. Fasciculations in the absence of muscle failure are not indicative of anything. As a matter of fact, 70% of healthy people have fasciculations making them normal. Muscle failure isn't necessarily like cutting a nerve. The muscle has to lose about 70% innervation before you...
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    Concerned about neurological symptoms and muscle weakness

    Relax. The fact that you have mainly sensory symptoms( tingling, feels tired) would point away from ALS. ALS is a disease that affects only the motor neurons leaving the sensory nerves intact. Symptoms also do not come and go, once you lose something, it's gone forever. As far as dropping things...
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    falling backward from walker

    An inexpensive solution would be to put a sandbag in the basket. While making it heavier, it is adjustable, and may give enough counter balance to keep you stable. Vincent