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    Let's talk AFOs

    Get a prescription for an AFO. It can come from a doctor or an OT ( canadian) and go see an orthotist. I worked for 30 in Prosthetics/Orthotics. Please don't be that person who shows up and knows what they want. A Certified Orthotist will know what you need. It could be the Otto Bock ground...
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    Privatizing home care in Ontario.

    It would seem that, hot on the heels of really high Covid 19 death counts in privately run Long Term Care facilities. 25 Years ago, the thinking was that by privatizing healthcare delivery, adding a layer of profit, somehow, magically, would wind up being cheaper. Oh, and at the same time, gut...
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    transfer pivot disc

    For sliding your butt around a chair in a vehicle just use 2 grocery bags on your seat cushion. Vincent
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    I woke up io 6" of fresh white stuff Saturday.
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    Trouble Sleeping

    The oil I use goes straight into my feeding tube. Going in the tube means you don"t have to taste it. Most oils taste pretty nasty. Vincent
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    Trouble Sleeping

    Do not forget THC. I have been using a 1:1 THC/CBD combination oil at about 12.5 %. Fasciculations and crams are gone and with the oil sleep isn't an issue. I know cannabis is sort of a grey area legally in some places (it's legal in Canada), but for a drug with such obvious benefit for PALS I...
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    Another question about those CHINESE HERBS

    If you have $ 500 a month you are looking to get rid of, send it to me. I'll give you all the useless vitamins you want. Allow me to give you the perspective of 6 years with this disease. There are any number of charlatans out there looking to make a buck on desperate people. THe fact is, we are...
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    Do you think I may have ALS? thank you!

    54 posts here and multiple people who have extensive experience with ALS. Are you hoping you will at some later posts say the right combination of words and we'll all say yes, you do have ALS, and can now become the pathetic person you've always wanted to be. Look, this is an absolute beast of a...
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    muscle cramping, previous dysphagia, dropping items

    While ALS does significantly reduce your life expectancy, it doesn't come on that fast. Anything that fast suggests an infection, viral or otherwise. I'm thinking Guillain Barre syndrome. Same symptomology with a much faster onset. The good news is it's entirely treatable with full or near full...
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    muscle cramping, previous dysphagia, dropping items

    I can answer just by the heading on your post. Previous dysphagia. People with ALS do not have previous symptoms. When you lose a muscle, it is dead, never to return. So, congratulations, you do not present as having ALS. Vincent
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    Bowel Issues/Questions-Seeking Advice

    Welcome to my life the past couple of months. I think i've had diarrhoea since November. Last week I was scoped both ends, No issues. Stool test normal. I have no idea what the next test is. If they figure yours out maybe that might help me too. On the plus side I fit into a suit that I haven't...
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    My symptoms arent fitting anything else and I cant work

    Please read the post at the top of this forum titled Read Before Posting. It should answer your questions and show why we don't see ALS in your future. Vincent
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    please help

    As far as cramping/spasticity go I have not had any issues since starting on Cannabis. I use an oil that contains equal parts THC and CBD. The oil has a content of 12.5% of each. YOu don't need to be a zombie all day either. I use .5ml in the morning and 1ml at night. This allows me to function...
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    Nurown update

    Almost all of the press put out by braistorm is in the form of a business prospectus to sell more shares in the company. Yes the most recent post talks about high level talks with government. If you look at the right side of the page all it talks about is share prices. THere is a long list of...
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    Nurown update

    Again, yet another sales pitch from brainstorm.....