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  • Wow!! Never thought id find someone so close!! Were on johnson st. Love to meet up with someone going thru this, weve never gotten to the support group bc its in the middle of the darn work day!

    Off this weekend if you are free! Timmys? :)
    hello odd....i got a call from my family dr. today, he said my evoke potentials came back indicating the presence of a neuro muscular disease...well i said ...i knew that! and he said yes we finally have a diagnosis but is referring me to my neurologist for all the details of course. 'Vincen't is my father's name, may he rest in peace...i was just thinking that my father was my exact age when he was told he had colon cancer , when i went on the forum to chat ...there you were vincent...thankyou for being you and being present in my life today!
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