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  • PS i forgot to mention when he said he doesn't think anything is wrong and my exam was fine, he said he wasn't discounting my symptoms that i told him.
    Looking at your other posts it appears it was your anniversary recently and a momentus one at that so a big congratulations from me :) x
    Hey Vicki, Only just saw your message, I'm good thanks. Coping, not taking any anxiety tabs at the moment, although my toes are zapping, buzzing twitching hourly, daily but how aggressive and annoying it gets is different by day. I finally had my Neuro appointment that my GP referred me for on Monday and the guy was nice did a full examination on me and said he couldn't find any signs of any neurological diseases and thinks I'm fine, but as it's the 21st century he wants to send me for an MRI just to check that there is no inflammation on the brain as sometimes these things can hide themselves, and he also said to do an EMG to check my peripheral nerves. So just waiting for that. What do you think? As my toe twitches and odd numbness in toes started happening back in September do you think if it was an MND that i would of had something more noticeable by now? As i can still play football every week fine. I hope you are well? And had a good weekend?
    Happy anniversary to you and your hubby and here's to many many more! It would be the best Christmas EVER if I get to move into my new house, take care, love and hugs, Anne xx
    Hi Vicki, how are you and how is your dad? I hope you are both okay. I've not moved into my new house yet but hopefully soon! take care, love and hugs, Anne xx
    I love your 25th Anniversary picture too Vicki! You have such a beautiful and loving family...the energy comes right through the pictures. It is so nice to see you too, and what a beautiful soul you you!
    I plan too. I have done nothing to this woman to provoke her Vicki. My goodness. I invited her to report me also. I will try to let Elaine know when she returns. Thanks as always for sticking up for me!
    Hi just keep me in your thoughts! I know you do just asking tonight. Went to daughter in laws (she had female surgery) and I broke down Vicki. They're trying to adopt and I hope and pray I can see thar happen. Sorry to be dismal, I try hard not to be. Hope you enjoy your bread pudding-I believe I got that right special friend here.
    Oh, I know you miss them Vicki, much so, mine never served, my Dad wasn't a VET (he farmed back during the WWII erra, so got a deferment and farmed his whole life) and I almost joined when the Vietnam War was going on, I went to be examined and those flat feet didn't hamper me passing-ha! But the war ended, I almost joined, would have been good for me, I am sure.
    Well you can't beat the reg comp, I tried via my iPad but it didn't post. I am not snooping I just look at others pages to garner info that MIGHT help me or make me feel better. I see where you have been "very, very" busy. I am going to pay a young man to help me blow out/dry vac my garage within the next week or two. It definitely needs it, something I could have and would have done in the past but can't seem to be able to do, strength wise and energy wise any longer. Hanging in there and I appreciate your sticking up for me! I could report her, but prob. won't for now. This is about the 2nd time she has accused me of snooping though, irritates me, I don't understand why she is so against me and others. THANKS for your concern and "rest up" friend! Happy Vets Day to your family members also!
    hi,mum not doing so well. had epidural? injections all up her spine but now on morphine as well. visiting is 2-4pm but takes us 4hrs to get there and back. visited wednesday and will go tomorrow. she still has drains in stomach and on oxegen.
    hoping theres improvement tomorrow.
    hope your ok.
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